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Slavery with Professor Christer Petley

15th February, 2019

Dan chats to Christer Petley about slavery, focusing on one particularly virulent slave-owner called Simon Taylor, one of the most powerful men in Jamaica in the 18th century. Discover more ...

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Lesbianism during World War One with Professor Laura Doan

14th February, 2019

Valentine's Day Special! Laura Doan discusses love and lesbianism during the war, from the way women were treated to popular reaction to lesbians in the media and elsewhere. Discover more ...

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The Great Escape with Guy Walters

11th February, 2019

Was The Great Escape as great as its name suggests? Guy Walters thinks otherwise, and argues that the mass breakout from Stalag Luft III actually helped the German war effort. ...

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Sex and Socialism with Professor Kristen Ghodsee

10th February, 2019

Did people have better sex under socialism? The answer is probably yes, and Dan talks to Kristen Ghodsee to find out why, also discussing why young people are having less ...

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The Lost Wrecks of Jutland in Portsmouth

8th February, 2019

Dan heads down to Portsmouth harbour to uncover lost wrecks buried in the mud with a team of marine specialists in history and archaeology. Discover more history interviews and documentaries ...

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The Tombs of Egypt with Chris Naunton

6th February, 2019

What treasures lie in store in the shifting sands of the Valley of the Kings? Dan talks to Chris Naunton to discover where the tombs of Alexander the Great ...

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Singapore with Nicholas Walton

4th February, 2019

Dan talks to Nicholas Walton about the role of Sir Stamford Raffles in the emergence of Singapore as one of the world's largest ports, and about the history ...

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The Great Escape with Air Commodore Charles Clarke

1st February, 2019

What was it like in Stalag Luft 3? Dan talks to Air Commodore Charles Clarke, a prisoner-of-war during the Great Escape. For more exclusive history interviews and documentaries, subscribe to History ...

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Augustus with Lindsay Powell

31st January, 2019

Who was the greatest European ever? Dan talks to Lindsay Powell to find out. For more exclusive history interviews and documentaries, subscribe to History Hit TV.Producer: Natt Tapley Audio: ...

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A Prince in the Tower with Iain Glen

28th January, 2019

In this episode, Dan presents an all-new kind of podcast, History Hit's first ever audio drama. Starring Iain Glen from Game of Thrones, and Geoffrey McGivern from Blackadder 3, it's a ...

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