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30 min

Mary Ellis: Touching the Sky

Dan Snow meets a courageous and pioneering aviator of the Second World War - Mary Ellis. Mary served with the Air Transport Auxiliary, flying aircraft ...

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77 min

Before Hindsight

Feature-length documentary from the BFI archives, revealing how British newsreels of the 1930s underestimated the threat of fascism.

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Sean Bean on Waterloo

Sean Bean tells the story of one of history’s bloodiest battles, the Battle of Waterloo, through the eyes of the soldiers who fought it.

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70 min

Imphal and Kohima: Britain’s Greatest Battle

James Holland sets himself the challenge of discovering the truth about the Battles of Imphal and Kohima, that laid the foundations for victory in Burma.

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13 mins

Voices of the Victims: The Amud Aish Exhibition

Dan visits the Hasmonean High School in London, which took in refugee children escaping persecution. Join Dan Snow on an exclusive tour of the Amud ...

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27 min

Operation Legacy

In 2009 a group of Kenyan war veterans sued the British government to reveal the truth about what really happened during the Mau Mau Emergency. Their ...

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11 min

Snow in an F-35

Dan Snow straps in to a state of the art simulator to discover what the RAF's latest acquisition, the F-35, is capable of.

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30 min

Captain Cook’s Endeavour

Helen Carr visits Captain Cook's birthplace on the anniversary of his setting out on the Endeavour, to find out more about the man and his ...

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12 min

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc received her first mystical vision when she was still a child, an event which was to chart the course of the rest ...

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7 min

Snow in a Spitfire

The Spitfire is the most famous piston engine fighter plane. It played a vital part in the summer of 1940, keeping the Luftwaffe from gaining air ...

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The Paras with Helen Parr

15th October, 2018

Dan talks to Helen Parr, whose new book Our Boys, traces the history of the Parachute Regiment and her own, personal, involvement with it. For ...

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Peter Jackson - They Shall Not Grow Old, 1914-18 Now

12th October, 2018

In this special podcast, presented in association with 14-18 Now, Dan talks to Peter Jackson, the Oscar-winning director of Lord of the Rings, about the ...

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The New York Historical Society

10th October, 2018

Dan takes a guided tour of the New York Historical Society whilst he was visiting the city. For more exclusive documentaries and interviews visit HistoryHit....

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What really happened on D-Day with Giles Milton

9th October, 2018

Dan talks to Giles Milton about D-Day and what his research has uncovered about the untold stories of this landmark event. For more exclusive documentaries ...

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Meuse Argonne: America's bloodiest WW1 battle

8th October, 2018

Dan heads to National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas city to see the collection and find out more about Meuse Argonne. For more exclusive ...

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Richard Van Emden on World War One

7th October, 2018

Richard Van Emden catches up with Dan Snow to talk about the commemoration of the final year of World War One. For more interviews and ...

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Cathy Newman, Bloody Brilliant Woman

6th October, 2018

Dan meets up with Cathy Newman to talk about her fantastic new book, Bloody Brilliant Women, and her career in the eye of the journalistic ...

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Tim Tate on Hitler's British Traitors

5th October, 2018

Dan talks to Tim Tate about the uncomfortable history of the Nazi secret service's operations in the UK. For more exclusive documentaries and interviews subscribe ...

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Al Murray on Arnhem, Satire, Bartending and Drums

4th October, 2018

Dan catches Al Murray for a wide ranging discussion. For more exclusive interviews and documentaries, visit HistoryHit.TV. Producer: Natt Tapley Audio: Kathrin Benoehr & Felix ...

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Talking Politics with David Runciman and Helen Thompson

3rd October, 2018

Dan Snow sits down with the Talking Politics Podcast team in their studio in Cambridge to discuss how history can guide us into a future ...

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The Colour of Time - Marina Amaral and Dan Jones

2nd October, 2018

In this live recording from 1 Oct 2018, Marina Amaral and Dan Jones talk to Dan Snow about their new book: The Colour of Time. For more ...

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Mary Queen of Scots with Kate Williams

1st October, 2018

Dan Snow and Kate Williams talk about the rise and fall of Mary Queen of Scots. For more exclusive interviews and documentaries visit HistoryHit.TV. ...

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