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Portrait of Oliver Cromwell by Samuel Cooper.


Oliver Cromwell is one of the most divisive figures in English history – hero or villain? Democrat or dictator? However, his legacy in Ireland is less well known by many outside of Ireland. One of the bloodiest episodes in Irish history, Cromwell’s ruthlessness has left a long legacy in Ireland, and shaped the country’s future for many years to come  But how much do you know about Cromwell’s conquest of Ireland?


Do you know your Ulster from your Leinster? Your Royalists from your Parliamentarians?

We invite you to test your knowledge on the Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland for your chance to win a £20 Amazon Voucher.




First Prize: £20 Amazon Voucher. Top score wins - in the event of a tie, a random draw will be made.

Entries close 23:59 16 October 2020.

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