Historic Sites in Zimbabwe

Historic Sites in Zimbabwe

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24 Nov 2020

There’s a host of top Historic Sites in Zimbabwe to visit such as the fascinating site of Great Zimbabwe. Our database of Historic Sites in Zimbabwe is growing all the time, but we may not cover them all. So, if you know of other Zimbabwean cultural landmarks and monuments, you can always add them to Trip Historic now by contacting us today.

What are the best Historic Sites in Zimbabwe?

1. Great Zimbabwe

The Great Zimbabwe ruins are the remains of an incredible city of the Bantu civilization of the Shona.

Great Zimbabwe is mostly characterized by impressive stone structures, most distinctly its largely intact stone walls. The Great Zimbabwe ruins are made up of three areas; the Hills Ruins, which are generally considered to have been a royal city, the Great Enclosure and the Valley Ruins.

Today, Great Zimbabwe is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is managed by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe.

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