Outstanding Roman Sites in Dorset to Visit

Roman Sites in Dorset

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24 Nov 2020

With such a wealth of astonishing places to discover, Dorset’s Roman ruins remain a hugely popular draw. Among the top sites that people usually visit are Durnovaria, the Roman Town House of Dorchester and Jordan Hill Roman Temple. There are other great ancient ruins of Dorset to explore including Maumbury Rings, Bokerley Dyke and Bucknowle Farm, which is one of the best known Roman Sites in Dorset. We’ve put together an expert guide to Dorset’s Roman ruins with our top places to visit below.

What are the best Roman Sites in Dorset?

1. Durnovaria

Durnovaria is the original Roman name for what is now the English town of Dorchester. Though Dorchester is best known for its Thomas Hardy connections, it remains an interesting town in its own right, having a number of museums dealing with such diverse topics as dinosaurs, Tutenkhamun and military history. The best Roman ruins in the town are the remains of a Roman townhouse dating from the 1st century CE located on Northernhay behind the Town Hall.

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