Podcast Extra: 4 Pictures from the New York Historical Society

History Hit Podcast

2 mins

08 Oct 2018

Established in 1804, the New York Historical Society is the oldest museum in New York.

The founders’ vision was to rescue artefacts of interest from the “dust and obscurity” of private collections.

Covering over four centuries of documents, artefacts and other materials the society aims to increase worldwide understanding of American history.

In addition to its important role in preserving the history of New York the society serves as a host for naturalisation ceremonies conducted by US citizenship and immigration services.

In 2018 Dan Snow took a trip to New York, while he was there he recorded a podcast with the New York Historical Society for HistoryHit.

Below are some pictures from his trip, with references to when they were mentioned in the podcast.

Pear Tree planted by Peter Stuyvesant. Mentioned at 3m50s.

The Iron Balustrade featured in the inauguration of George Washington in 1789, back when New York City was the capital of the USA. Mentioned at 4m10s.

A Civil War Draft Wheel, 12m38s.

17m47s: The fire and 9/11 showcases.


To learn more about the New York Historical Society, find out about the exhibitions they are running or to plan a trip visit their website.