Where can I find details about my subscription on my account?

Please sign in to your History Hit TV account.

Click the Silhouette icon in the top right hand corner of the homepage. Here you will find details regarding your subscription: billings, renewal date, user details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you signed up via the desktop: Please login to your account at tv.historyhit.com and go to your account page by clicking the silhouette icon at the top right of the screen. The cancel option can be found under the Subscription Information heading. ​

If you signed up via the app: you can manage your subscription via the subscriptions section of the Google Play Store or the App Store section of Settings on an iOS device.

What are the minimum requirements for running the History Hit TV app on my iPhone / Android device?

Please note the minimum requirements for running our site and apps are: iOS 11 and ​Android 5​

I have requested my password be reset, but I have not received an email

Please check whether you initially signed up to History Hit TV via either the Facebook or Google option. If so, then you do not have a password as social sign in does not require the subscriber to create one.

How do subscribers who signed up either via Facebook or via Google set a password?

  1. Please login to your History Hit TV account either via Google…

…or via Facebook:

2. Click the silhouette icon in the top right hand corner of the homepage.

Click ‘Update Account Details.’ Create a new password.

To log in to our Apple TV and Amazon Fire apps you must create a password.

How do I update my billing details?

  1. Login to your History Hit TV account.
  2. Click the silhouette icon in the top-right-hand corner of the homepage.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address login to your History Hit TV account:

  1. Click the silhouette icon in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.
  2. Click, ‘Update Account Details’

Where can I find Dan Snow’s ad-free podcasts on the site?

All of Dan’s History Hit podcasts can be found under the collection tab in the top left side of the homepage.

You can find Dan’s 4 most recent podcasts, ad-free, under our homepage playlist ‘LATEST PODCASTS’

Does my subscription auto-renew if I do not choose to cancel?

Yes, all our subscriptions auto-renew as in line with other subscription channels

A discount promo code is showing up as invalid when I try to subscribe

Our discount offers usually only work for monthly subscription deals. Please ensure you have selected a monthly subscription rather than an annual one.

Please also make sure the coupon code is still valid. Some coupons we have used in the past, for example for D-Day, have expired.

The IOS app downloads button does not work (it either flashes and does nothing or fails to download)

Some users have had problems regarding downloading content on their IOS app. If this happens for you, please delete the app and reinstall it.

If this does not solve the issue please send a message to support@historyhit.com along with the following details:

  1. Apple device generation
  2. The iOS version
  3. The build number of the History Hit app installed (which can be found at the bottom of the primary settings menu within the app by selecting the cog icon).

Does the History Hit TV app support Chromecast?


If this Q/A has not resolved your problem/query with History Hit TV please contact support@historyhit.com and we will help you out as best we can.