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Argentina's Missing Black Communities with Celestina Olulode

15th August, 2019

Celestina Olulode is a BBC reporter, who has spent a long time in Argentina researching why Argentina has a low black population compared to counterparts in South America such as ...

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The Last Wolf and the Missing Lynx with Ross Barnett

13th August, 2019

Dan talks to Ross Barnett, a scientist who has studied the extinction of megafauna across Britain and the world. They discuss the killing of the last wolf in Britain, whether ...

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Chernobyl with Julie McDowall

11th August, 2019

The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident near the town of Pripyat in 1986. Dan talks to Julie McDowall, an expert in all things nuclear, about the initial reaction to the ...

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Klaus Fuchs, the Greatest Nuclear Spy with Frank Close

9th August, 2019

Dan talks to Frank Close about Klaus Fuchs, who leaked nuclear secrets to the Soviets. He informed the Soviets that the Allies had a bomb, and in doing so, may ...

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Brexit and the Reformation with Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch

7th August, 2019

Dan talks to one of the foremost experts on the Reformation and discusses whether Iain Duncan Smith was right to draw parallels between Brexit and the 16th century split with ...

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Terry Deary on Horrible Histories

4th August, 2019

Terry Deary, the creator of the Horrible Histories franchise, talks to Dan about communicating history effectively to young people, as well as the way the study of history has changed ...

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The Prittlewell Prince with Sophie Jackson and Liz Barham

1st August, 2019

The discovery of the Prittlewell Prince has been lauded as the "UK's answer to Tutankhamun'. The remarkably complete discovery of an Anglo-Saxon prince's burial chamber has given us far more ...

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London's Lost Rivers with Kate Sumnall and Tom Ardill

30th July, 2019

Dan chats to the curators of a new exhibition at the Museum of London about London's lost rivers, finding out how they disappeared, how they shaped the city, and whether ...

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The History of Iran in the 20th Century with Professor Ali Ansari

28th July, 2019

Dan picks up from where he and Professor Ali Ansari left off as they discuss the history of Iran in the 20th century. Ali Ansari breaks down the White Revolution, ...

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War Bows with Mike Loades

25th July, 2019

Mike Loades talks to Dan about bows of all shapes and sizes. He discusses Mongol fighting tactics, as well as the trope of certain nationalities being prolific with a bow, ...

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