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70 min

Imphal and Kohima: Britain’s Greatest Battle

James Holland sets himself the challenge of discovering the truth about the Battles of Imphal and Kohima, that laid the foundations for victory in Burma.

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13 mins

Voices of the Victims: The Amud Aish Exhibition

Dan visits the Hasmonean High School in London, which took in refugee children escaping persecution. Join Dan Snow on an exclusive tour of the Amud Aish Memorial Museum's exhibition about children in the Holocaust.

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27 min

Operation Legacy

In 2009 a group of Kenyan war veterans sued the British government to reveal the truth about what really happened during the Mau Mau Emergency. Their story rocked the establishment.

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11 min

Snow in an F-35

Dan Snow straps in to a state of the art simulator to discover what the RAF's latest acquisition, the F-35, is capable of.

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30 min

Captain Cook’s Endeavour

Helen Carr visits Captain Cook's birthplace on the anniversary of his setting out on the Endeavour, to find out more about the man and his expedition.

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Sean Bean on Waterloo

Sean Bean tells the story of one of history’s bloodiest battles, the Battle of Waterloo, through the eyes of the soldiers who fought it.

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12 min

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc received her first mystical vision when she was still a child, an event which was to chart the course of the rest of her turbulent life. She took upon herself the mission to save France and bound ...

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7 min

Snow in a Spitfire

The Spitfire is the most famous piston engine fighter plane. It played a vital part in the summer of 1940, keeping the Luftwaffe from gaining air superiority over Britain. Now Dan Snow, whose lifelong dream has been to fly in this ...

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22 min

Black Five: The Last Days of Steam

A tribute to the age of steam. Shot mainly around Carnforth, Lancashire, which was one of the last steam engine sheds. The reminiscences and tales of the men who worked the engines and their attitudes to the passing of steam ...

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74 min

Make More Noise

A selection of silent films from the BFI National Archive that shows how the suffragette movement was portrayed on the cinema screen between 1899 and 1917.

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Emergency Podcast: Bosworth Battlefield

19th September, 2018

Julian Humphrys phones Dan Snow to talk about the Battle of Bosworth, its significance and why we need to come together to prevent the site from being built on. For ...

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#RAF100 The birth of the RAF and Cadets' first steps at Cranwell College

18th September, 2018

In this part of our #RAF100 season Dan learns from Ian Castle (who also spoke to us last week about Zeppelins) the conception of the RAF before moving onto a ...

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End of Summer Catch Up

15th September, 2018

Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell bring you up to speed with what's been going on at Unexpected Towers. For more exclusive interviews and documentaries visit HistoryHit.TV! Producer: ...

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The 2008 Financial Crash with Adam Tooze

15th September, 2018

Dan speaks to economic historian Adam Tooze for the tenth anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse in this special podcast. For more exclusive interviews and documentaries visit HistoryHit.TV! Producer: Natt ...

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The First Blitz with Ian Castle

14th September, 2018

Dan talks to aviation historian Ian Castle about the First Blitz, an effort to kick Britain out of a world war... For more exclusive history documentaries and interviews visit HistoryHit....

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#RAF100 Snow in a Tornado

12th September, 2018

Dan takes his final flight in a Tornado with Flt Lt Rob Manisty, aka ‘Sea Cow’, at the Helm. Tornado Veteran John Nichol also talks to Dan about his experience ...

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Joanne Freeman and the history of polarisation in the USA

11th September, 2018

Dan talks to Joanne Freeman about the history of polarisation in the USA, giving an extraordinary insight into the tone of American politics' early days. For more exclusive interviews and ...

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Chimneys LIVE

7th September, 2018

Dr. Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell explore the unexpected history of chimneys... live! To see exclusive history documentaries and interviews sign up to HistoryHit.TV. Use code 'UH3' ...

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How debt made nations great with Martin Slater

6th September, 2018

Dan talks to Martin Slater about the history of national debts, how they powered nations and the changing function and timeframe of debt in the modern world. For more exclusive ...

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The History of Venezuela with Professor Micheal Tarver

5th September, 2018

Dan talks with Professor Micheal Tarver, Executive Secretary – Southeast World History Association (SEWHA), who gives is a snapshot of Venezuela's history right up to the present day. For more exclusive ...

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The Brazil National Museum Fire - Marina Amaral

4th September, 2018

In this special emergency episode, Marina Amaral talks to us from Brazil about her reaction to the devastating fire at the Museo Nacional in Rio. Producer: Natt Tapley

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Paul Reed and WW2 Italy

3rd September, 2018

Dan talks to Paul Reed about the significance of the Italian invasion in World War Two. For more exlcusive interviews and documentaries visit HistoryHit.TV! Producer: Natt Tapley Audio: Felix ...

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