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How Did the Allies Manage to Break Through the Trenches at Amiens?

Dan Snow writes on Allied success on the “black day for the German Army” in World War One.

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Topgun: The Real Life Story of the US Navy's Elite Pilot Training School

The aviation training school made famous by the 1986 film was founded at the height of the Vietnam War.

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10 Facts About the Battle of Marathon

Did you know that the 26.2-mile running race is named after this clash?

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47 min

Art in Revolution

This programme follows the political situation in the USSR from 1917 to the death of Lenin, tracing the pattern of Soviet creativity during those years by linking the art of the time to the historical events from which it grew, and ...

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50 min

Armada: The Untold Story

This is the story of how Europe prepared for war as Tudor England stood on the brink of annihilation. Using exclusive access to a cache of 3000 newly discovered documents, we will journey deep inside the Royal corridors of power and ...

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71 Min

The Road to Rome

Narrated by Sir Ian McKellen, The Road To Rome documents the journey of three authors of historical fiction as they walk from Naples to Rome dressed as Roman soldiers to raise money for charity. Their exploits raised over £25,000 in donations ...

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34 min

The Unheard Tapes of Bomber Command

On the 25th of July 1943 Flight Lieutenant Stevens flew in one of the deadliest bombing raids on Essen. The moment he returned home, he made a recording of himself reliving the events of that night. Here, for the first time, ...

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7 min

Ghosts of the Romanovs

In this exclusive piece Helen Rappaport reveals the untold story of modern Russia's obsession with the Romanov family and the place where they died.

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27 min

Lucy Worsley on The Death of Jane Austen

Lucy Worsley and Dan Snow pay a visit to Jane Austen's house to draw back the curtain on the life of the author who changed the course of novel writing and publishing. In this programme we uncover the truth about ...

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37 mins

Archaeologist Spies of World War One

Archaeologists excavated the ancient past during peacetime, but in war they had a different mission - to play a vital role in modern military intelligence. Historian of archaeology Dr Amara Thornton explores a network of archaeologist-spies, codebreaking, mapping and running ...

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51 mins

Snow on the Road: North Wales

Dan is on the road again, this time to explore his ancestral home, North Wales. He delves into the history behind its imposing castles, labyrinthine caves, quirky coastal towns and even pays a very personal visit to his great-great-grandfather David ...

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55 mins

37 Days: One Month in Summer

This three-part political thriller follows the catastrophic chain of events which led from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June to the declaration of war between Britain and Germany on 4 August 1914.

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27 min

Fighting Proud: A Gay History of the World Wars

Historian Stephen Bourne, author of 'Fighting Proud', discusses the role of gay servicemen in the world wars and the challenges of publishing gay history.

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Colonel Waddy's World War Two

14th August, 2018

Dan talks to Colonel Waddy about his part in World War Two in the first of two podcasts on the Colonel. For more exclusive documentaries and interviews visit HistoryHit.TV! ...

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Amiens 100 - Gervase Phillips

7th August, 2018

Dan phones Gervase Phillips (and his cat) for a deep dive into the significance of the Battle of Amiens on the centenary. For more exclusive interviews and documentaries subscribe to ...

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Duncan McNabb on the Extremes of Humanity

7th August, 2018

Dan talks to Military Historian and True Crime author Duncan McNabb. For more exclusive interview and documentaries subscribe to HistoryHit.TV! Producer: Nathaniel Tapley Audio: Felix Maynard

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Shrinking Pt 2

6th August, 2018

Dr Sam Willis & Professor James Daybell continue to discuss the unexpected history of shrinking. For more exclusive history interviews and documentaries, subscribe to HistoryHit.TV Producer: Natt Tapley Audio: Felix ...

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Lindiwe Mazibuko - Former South African Leader of the Opposition

6th August, 2018

Dan sits down with Lindiwe Mazibuko, the first non-white person to lead the Democratic Alliance in Parliament, to talk about her unique career and the values that took her into ...

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History of Spying - Andrew Christopher

3rd August, 2018

Dan talks to Christopher Andrew about the history of intelligence from Moses to the present day. For more exclusive history interviews and documentaries visit HistoryHit.TV Producer: Nathaniel Tapley Audio: ...

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Mary Ellis, Spitfire Pilot - Emergency Podcast

26th July, 2018

Yesterday (25th July, 2018), Mary Ellis passed away at the age of 101. Dan was lucky enough to get to speak to her just last week, when she told him about her ...

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Big History, The History of Everything with David Christian

19th July, 2018

The problems the world faces now are ones the whole human race will have to resolve, to David Christian has decided to tell the history of the entire human race ...

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Brexit, Russia, and Divide & Rule - Steve Analyst

17th July, 2018

Dan talks to Twitter phenomenon Steve Analyst about the Russia's recent history of interference in the European Community, and how the EC has defended itself from 'divide and rule' tactics. ...

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16th July, 2018

Dr Sam Willis & Professor James Daybell explore the unexpected history of accidents. For more exclusive history interviews and documentaries, subscribe to HistoryHit.TV. Producer: Natt Tapley Audio: Pete Dennis

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The Unheard Tapes of Bomber Command with Steve Stevens

15th July, 2018

In July 1943, a young flight lieutenant, Steve Stevens, got back from a bombing raid over Essen, and recorded his recollections straight onto a wire recorder. This unique document on what ...

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Civilisations with David Olusoga

10th July, 2018

Dr Janina Ramirez talks to David Olusoga about Civilisations, how the programme was made, and how art reacts to social change. For more exclusive history interviews and documentaries, subscribe to ...

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