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24 min

The Fall of the Berlin Wall with Rory Maclean

Author Rory MacLean was present when the Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989. He talks about the jubilation of the East Berliners, as well as what ...

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37 min

The French Revolution with David Andress

Professor of Modern History David Andress talks Dan through the French Revolution: the causes, the context, its significance and its wide-felt consequences.

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119 min

Remembering the Few with Wing Commander Tom Neil

In this interview (filmed in the summer of 2018) Wing Commander Tom Neil, one of the last of 'The Few' and an RAF fighter ace, talks ...

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37 min

The Battle of Agincourt with Mike Loades

Legend of popular history Mike Loades provides Dan a detailed run down of Henry V's famous victory at Agincourt on 25 October 1415 and how Henry V's ...

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28 min

Finding the Lost Battlefield of Brunanburh

The Battle of Brunanburh was one of the bloodiest and biggest battles of early medieval history. No physical evidence exists of where it was fought. ...

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19 min

Total Victory: The Battle of Trafalgar

On 21 October 1805 the British Royal Navy defeated the combined battle fleets of the French and Spanish empires 20 miles northwest of a promontory of rock and ...

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26 min

The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher with Charles Moore

Charles Moore discusses the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady

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4 min

D-Day Deception: Operation Bodyguard

British deception before D-Day was such that it tricked the Germans into concentrating their forces around the Pas-de-Calais, rather than near the beaches of Normandy.

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99 min

My Life and World War Two

Victor Gregg retells his traumatic experience of the Second World War and how it has shaped the rest of his life.

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53 min

The Rise and Fall of the House of York During the Wars of the Roses with Thomas Penn

Thomas Penn talks Dan through the rise, zenith and fall of the House of York during the latter half of the 15th century.

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Gary Lineker on his 'D-Day Dodger' Grandfather

11th November, 2019

Gary Lineker's grandfather was one of the 'D-Day Dodgers': men who fought in the Italian campaign, who were accused of missing the supposedly harder fighting ...

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One Family's Epic Search for a Missing Son After World War One with Richard van Emden

10th November, 2019

Dan talks to Richard van Emden about his new book - Missing: The Need for Closure After the Great War. The backbone of the book ...

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall with Rory MacLean

9th November, 2019

The 9th November 1989 was one of the most significant dates in 20th century history. The Berlin Wall fell, changing the entire geopolitical situation and marking ...

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How Punk Brought Down the Berlin Wall with Tim Mohr

7th November, 2019

Dan chats to Tim Mohr, a Club DJ turned writer, who has a very different story of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Tim talks ...

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Britain and China in the Opium Wars with Mark Simner

5th November, 2019

British military historian Mark Simner tackles the Opium Wars, rarely taught in English schools, but taught ubiquitously in China. He explains the provenance of both ...

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The French Revolution with David Andress

3rd November, 2019

David Andress delves into the French Revolution, explaining its causes, its outcomes, and how we should look at its historical legacy. For ad free versions ...

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Lord Jonathan Sumption on Justice and Politics

31st October, 2019

The cleverest man in Britain weighs in on the state of our politics and the state of the British electoral system. Lord Sumption was a ...

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Adam Frankel on How Holocaust Trauma Still Haunts His Family 80 Years Later

29th October, 2019

Adam Frankel worked in the Obama white house as a speech writer. His grandparents were holocaust survivors from eastern Europe. His mother had profound mental ...

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English History's Most Famous Battle: Agincourt with Mike Loades

27th October, 2019

Mike Loades is a world leading expert on archery. He has shot traditional bows from Japan to Wales. His knowledge on the English and Welsh ...

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Erdogan, Turkey and the Kurds

23rd October, 2019

Michael Stephens is a Research fellow at RUSI and an expert in the history of the Kurds and Kurdistan. He explains who, what and where ...

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World Exclusive! Have Archaeologists Found Britain's Most Elusive Battlefield?

22nd October, 2019

The Battle of Brunanburh is one of the most important battles in British history. It was fought in 937 between Æthelstan, King of England, and an ...

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Victory. Nelson. Trafalgar. With Andrew Baines

21st October, 2019

Andrew Baines is the curator of HMS victory. First released on the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar this podcast tells the story of that ...

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