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50 min

Arnhem For Ever: A Pilgrimage

In this 2017 film, Arnhem veterans and relatives of those who witnessed the Operation tell the tale of the 1st British Airborne Division in September 1944: the ...

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23 min

Anglo-Saxon Burial at Bamburgh Castle

A story of bloodshed, tribal rivalries and a warrior class obsessed with and defined by the battlefield has emerged from the discovery of a burial ...

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59 min

Alderney: The War Years

In June 1940, the Channel Islands - British Crown Dependencies - were occupied by German forces. On the orders of Adolf Hitler, they were transformed into ...

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26 min

10 Steps to World War Two

The outbreak of World War Two has been blamed on the policy of 'appeasement' - with the Great Powers of Europe failing to stand up ...

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41 min

The German Invasion of Poland with Roger Moorhouse

Dan sat down with Roger Moorhouse to talk about the start of World War Two from the often-overlooked Polish perspective, sorting the fact from the ...

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24 min

How the Cold War Shaped Western Democracy with Simon Reid-Henry

Dan sat down with Simon Reid-Henry to discuss the evolution of western democracy across the world from the early 1970s to present day.

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28 min

The Channel Islands: Guernsey

From the house of the exiled, 19th century French writer Victor Hugo to the extensive, underground, concrete tunnels constructed by the Germans during World War ...

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16 min

Henry VIII: Statesman or Tyrant?

On Midsummer's Day in 1509 a 17 year old was crowned king of England. He would go on to transform his realm over almost four decades on ...

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28 min

The Peterloo Massacre with Robert Toole

Robert Poole argues why the events at Peterloo Square on 16 August 1819 were a key turning point in the reform movement, and why its legacy was ...

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56 min

We Were Kings: Burma’s Lost Royals

After a century of silence Burma's royals are back, and they’re on a journey to bring the family - past and present - back ...

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Elizabeth I and Europe with Estelle Paranque

17th September, 2019

Estelle Paranque launches into a passioned explanation of Elizabeth I and how she masterfully handled the European powers of her day. She talks about French ...

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Anglo-Saxon Burial at Bamburgh Castle with Paul Gething and Edoardo Albert

15th September, 2019

A story of bloodshed, tribal rivalries and a warrior class obsessed with and defined by the battlefield has emerged from the discovery of a burial ...

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The Stories of 9/11 with Garrett Graff

11th September, 2019

Garrett Graff has collected many of the oral testimonies about 9/11, collating archive material and conducting interviews with people who responded to events on the day. ...

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The Secret British Operation to Get America into World War Two with Henry Hemming

10th September, 2019

Henry Hemming talks to Dan about the life of William Stevenson, a British operative who worked hard to pressure Roosevelt into declaring war on Nazi ...

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Race Science with Angela Saini

8th September, 2019

Angela Saini is a British science journalist and broadcaster, and she talks to Dan about the history of race science and eugenics, and they put ...

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Maud West, the Original Miss Marple with Susannah Stapleton

6th September, 2019

Maud West, operated her own detective agency during the Golden Age of crime in the period after World War One. She used all manner of ...

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The British People and the Outbreak of World War Two with Frederick Taylor

3rd September, 2019

Frederick Taylor's work looks at the outbreak of World War Two, and he discusses whether the British people were ready for war. This discussion moves ...

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The Invasion of Poland in World War Two with Roger Moorhouse

1st September, 2019

Roger Moorhouse discusses the Polish campaign of 1939 comprehensively, separating the myths from reality and outlining the abject horrors that the Poles suffered under the twin ...

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How the British Prepared for Nuclear War with Julie McDowall

29th August, 2019

In this bonus interview with Julie McDowall, she talks Dan through exactly how the British government prepared for a worst case nuclear scenario. They discuss ...

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John Franklin and the Northwest Passage with Dr John Roobol

27th August, 2019

Dr John Roobol discusses the fate of John Franklin and his crew, from how they suffered in the bitter conditions, to the crew members who ...

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How the Cold War Shaped Western Democracy with Simon Reid-Henry

25th August, 2019

Simon Reid-Henry attacks the traditional historiography of the Cold War, placing a much greater emphasis on the importance of the 1970s in shaping the rest ...

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Leonardo Da Vinci and the Leicester Codex with Martin Kemp

22nd August, 2019

Martin Kemp, an emeritus professor at the University of Oxford, is one of the foremost experts on Leonardo Da Vinci. He has recently worked on ...

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