365 carefully selected historical events come together to produce a unique history of the world.



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19 min

Vampires with Richard Sugg

Richard Sugg, author of a new book on real vampires, talks Dan through the weird world of supernatural bloodsuckers.

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3 min

John F. Kennedy’s Moon Shot Speech

A short, animated video of John F Kennedy's famous speech, made to Congress on 25 May 1961, where he outlined the United States' intentions to put a ...

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22 min

The Battle of Britain

In the summer of 1940, Britain battled for survival against Hitler’s war machine; the result would define the course of the Second World War. It ...

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17 min


On the eve of the Battle of the Somme, cameraman Geoffrey Malins visited the front lines near Beaumont-Hamel to film footage of the troops as ...

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15 min

Under the Somme

The first day of the Battle of the Somme holds an infamous record for the British army, being the bloodiest day in its history. But ...

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51 min

A History of Unbelief

Religious belief looks more precarious in the modern world than ever before. But is that the truth? Dan Snow explores the role of unbelievers throughout ...

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30 min

The Suffragettes and the Actresses’ Franchise League with Naomi Paxton

Dan talks to Dr Naomi Paxton, historian of Actresses' Franchise League and Associate Fellow at the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, ...

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42 min

The Real Macbeth

"All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter" We all know the story of Shakespeare's Macbeth but how accurate is it based on what we ...

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18 min

Italy and World War Two with Paul Reed

Dan talks to Paul Reed about the significance of the Italian invasion in World War Two.

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16 min

The Knight’s Shield: Evolution

Shields have taken many shapes and sizes over the thousands of years of their use. Their design isn't just random or aesthetic. What can the ...

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Vampires and their place in culture with Richard Sugg

18th July, 2019

Richard Sugg, author of a new book on real vampires, talks Dan through the weird world of supernatural bloodsuckers. Myths of Vampires have their roots ...

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Confucius, his life and influence with Professor Roel Sterckx

16th July, 2019

Dan and Roel Sterckx, Professor of Chinese History, Science, and Civilisation at Cambridge University, talk about the life of Confucius, his influence on ...

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The First Indian Cricket Team with Dr Prashant Kidambi

14th July, 2019

Dan and Dr Prashant Kidambi talk about the dominance of Indian cricket team over recent years, as well as its humble origins. They discuss the ...

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The Eruption of Vesuvius and the Two Plinys with Daisy Dunn

12th July, 2019

Dan talks to Daisy Dunn, a historian and classicist, about the lives of the two Plinys in the shadow of Vesuvius. The younger Pliny witnessed ...

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The Battle of Britain: Truth and Myth with Andy Saunders and Wing Commander Thomas Neil

10th July, 2019

Dan talks to military historian Andy Saunders about the Battle of Britain. What parts of the narrative have we got wrong? What parts have we ...

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Appeasing Hitler with Tim Bouverie

7th July, 2019

Tim Bouverie has a look at the old questions about appeasement. Was it right to appease Hitler in order to buy time to re-arm? Why ...

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The Cambridge Spies with Dr Chris Smith

4th July, 2019

Dr Chris Smith has written a fascinating new book about John Cairncross, one of the famous five Cambridge spies who infiltrated high positions in the ...

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The Chief Interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials with Paul Hooley

2nd July, 2019

Wolfe Frank, who was the Chief Interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials, translating over a third of the six million words spoken, was one of the ...

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A. C. Grayling on The History of Philosophy

30th June, 2019

A. C. Grayling discusses the complete history of philosophy, whether it is still possible to ask questions about our existence, and how we should frame ...

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The History of Unbelief with Professor Tim Whitmarsh and Professor John Arnold

27th June, 2019

Dan delves into the history of unbelief - or rather, past people who didn't believe in God(s). He talks to Professor Tim Whitmarsh about ...

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Simon de Montfort, England's First Parliamentarian with Dr Sophie Therese Ambler

26th June, 2019

Simon de Montfort was a member of the English peerage, who led opposition to King Henry III. He played a major role in the constitutional ...

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Circe and Greek Myths with Madeleine Miller

23rd June, 2019

Dan and bestselling author Madeleine Miller chat Greek myths and the Odyssey. They talk about Virgil, the Aenead, Patroclus and Agamemnon, and whether Dan should ...

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