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17 min

Operation Dynamo: Escape from Dunkirk

This documentary provides a day-by-day account of Operation Dynamo and the miraculous evacuation now embedded within British legend. Featuring contributions from Dunkirk veterans and Joshua ...

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24 min

Blitzkrieg! The Fall of France

Just before dawn on 10 May 1940 the largest concentration of motorised vehicles in history roared into action. After months of quiet it was the start of ...

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45 min

The City as Architecture

Peter Ackroyd explores Venice, following in the footsteps of renowned English writer John Ruskin, and discovering the unique history of Isola di San Michele.

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60 min

London: A Tale of Two Cities

By walking in the footsteps of two great chroniclers, John Stow and John Stripe, Dan Cruickshank discovers how London grew from a small medieval city ...

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23 min

Liquid History

Peter Ackroyd explores the course of the river, meeting people whose lives are interlinked with it and discovering how painters, writers and musicians have responded ...

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92 min

Peter Ackroyd’s Thames

Author Peter Ackroyd introduces the River Thames a symbol of eternity, in its unending cycle of movement and change.

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30 min

Richard Duke of York: Marcher Lord

Matthew Lewis, an author and historian who specialises in the 15th century, provides a fascinating talk about Richard Duke of York as a Marcher Lord. ...

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18 min

May 1940: Churchill’s Finest Hour

For the 80th anniversary of Britain's darkest hour Dan Snow visits the House of Commons to learn about the speeches that turned the tide of ...

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26 min

Australia, Anzac and History

I was thrilled to have Mat McLachlan on the pod, one of Australia's foremost history presenters and writers. Using his encyclopaedic knowledge of Australian battlefields, ...

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9 min

Kokoda Front Line

The Kokoda campaign would last four months and strike a deep impression in the hearts and minds of the Australian people. This emotional documentary was ...

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Sex and Scandal at the Court of Charles II

1st June, 2020

According to John Evelyn, the great diarist, Charles II was ‘addicted to women’. Charles' court is infamous for tales of licentiousness and promiscuity, and I ...

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Fighting Nazism at the Grand Prix

31st May, 2020

Neal Bascomb joined me on the podcast to tell a remarkable story of the fight against Hitler - on the Grand Prix racetrack. We delved ...

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A History of Building Britain

30th May, 2020

I was thrilled to be joined by Andrew Ziminski, a stonemason living and working in Somerset. He's just released his first book documenting the fascinating ...

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Dunkirk Veterans

29th May, 2020

Dan meets some of the surviving Dunkirk veterans on the famous Little Ships which helped to rescue them from the beaches. The Little Ships of ...

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The Fall of France

28th May, 2020

80 years ago this week, one of the most extraordinary evacuations in military history was under way: 'The Miracle of Dunkirk'. But how, and why, did ...

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Muslim Soldiers of Dunkirk

27th May, 2020

May 28, 1940: Major Akbar Khan of the Royal Indian Army Service Corps marches at the head of 299 soldiers along the beach at Dunkirk - the only ...

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Coronavirus: Intelligence Failure

26th May, 2020

The greatest threats we face are climate breakdown and pandemic disease. This was the assessment of security advisers before the Covid outbreak and the last ...

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The Miracle of Dunkirk

25th May, 2020

80 years ago, ships were gathering in Kent to begin the rescue of the British Expeditionary Force. Britain faced the prospect of the worst defeat in ...

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Getting Inside the Mind of Hitler

24th May, 2020

No man knew Adolf Hitler as intimately as his trusted physician, Theodoor Morell. As part of Hitler's inner social circle, he assisted the leader in ...

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Akbar the Great

23rd May, 2020

One of the greatest rulers of the 16th century was Akbar the Great, a man whose power and influence extended over much of the Indian ...

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The Shadow King: Henry VI

21st May, 2020

Henry VI came to the throne in exceptionally difficult circumstances. The untimely death of his warlike father, Henry V, placed the crown upon his head ...

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20th May, 2020

Greg Jenner has given my children so many hours of happiness as the historical brains behind the Horrible History tv shows and movie, not to ...

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