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26 min

Debunking the Myths of the Titanic

Dan Snow visits RMS Titanic expert Tim Maltin to sort the fact from the fiction about the ship’s final hours.

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19 min

Coronavirus and War

Dr James Rogers explains what similarities we can see between the current COVID-19 pandemic and the Second World War, particularly in how humans respond, and ...

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50 min

1917: The Real Story

"1917" was a huge blockbuster success, inspired by the director, Sir Sam Mendes', great-grandfather. So how much was fiction and how much was fact? This documentary ...

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32 min

Women of the Trojan War

Natalie Haynes and Dan Snow discuss the classical accounts which have contributed to our modern understanding of the Trojan War and its terrible aftermath.

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21 min

Communities in Crisis

Steve Wyler answers the big questions about how communities have responded to pandemics in the past and whether similar reactions can be seen in the ...

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23 min

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

Olivette Otele, Professor of History and Vice-President of the Royal Historical Society, answers key questions about the history of the slave trade. From its origins ...

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45 min

Nazi Temple of Doom

Find out how a group of experts pieced together the complex history of a priceless gold Celtic cauldron found at the bottom of a lake ...

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27 min

Saint Helena

Dan Snow visits the remote, beautiful island of Saint Helena to learn more about its history. From accommodating some of the British Empire's greatest enemies ...

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22 min

Edgehill: A Fight of Spite and Spleen

Alice Loxton uncovers the chance encounters, thundering cavalry charges and ghostly apparitions which marked the first conflict of the English Civil Wars: The Battle of ...

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12 min

The Devil’s Porridge

Dr James Rogers visits the Devil's Porridge Museum to find out more about H.M. Factory, Gretna - the United Kingdom's largest cordite factory during ...

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Statues, History and How We Use The Past

6th July, 2020

I was joinded by Dr Charlotte Riley, a feminist historian of 20th century Britain. Whilst lecturing on the Labour Party, decolonization, and overseas aid and ...

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Assassination, Fascism and The Abdication Crisis

5th July, 2020

Alex Larman has struck gold. He discovered one of the rarest and most precious things in the history world: an unknown source which shines a ...

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Myths of the Titanic

4th July, 2020

If you want to know anything about RMS Titanic, Tim Maltin's your man. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the Titanic ...

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3rd July, 2020

Since the release of Alexander Lee's masterly new work on Niccolò Machiavelli, I just had to get him on the pod to hear about this ...

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Hitler's Titanic

2nd July, 2020

Roger Moorhouse is an historian of the Third Reich and WW2, author of The Devils' Alliance, Killing Hitler & Berlin at War. He joined me on ...

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History's Deadliest Influenza Pandemic

1st July, 2020

Germans soldiers called it Blitzkatarrh, British soldiers called it Flanders Grippe, but the 1918 pandemic was most commonly known as 'Spanish Flu'. Catherine Arnold is the ...

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How and Why History: William the Conqueror

30th June, 2020

On 14 October 1066, Norman invaders led by Duke William of Normandy won a decisive victory over the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson. But why did William have ...

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Disease and the Victorians

29th June, 2020

Dr Emma Liggins is an expert on Victorian Gothic literature. She joined me on the pod to examine how great female writers of the 19th ...

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Western Europe’s Age of Democracy

28th June, 2020

In the second half of the twentieth century, western Europe was shaped by a revolutionary political force: democracy. Or at least that's what Professor Martin ...

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28 Years on Death Row

27th June, 2020

Anthony Ray Hinton was held on death row for 28 years. He was incorrectly convicted of the murders of two restaurant managers, John Davidson and Thomas ...

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Forgotten Women of the Civil Rights Movement

26th June, 2020

I was delighted to be joined by Keisha Blain, an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. She took me far into the past - ...

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Veterans of the Korean War

25th June, 2020

70 years ago today, on 25th June 1950, North Korean forces invaded South Korea. The three-year conflict which followed took the lives of four million people including ...

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