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29 min

A Strange Bit of History

Comedy legend Omid Djalili, who grew up in an Iranian Baha'i family, comes on the show to provide a fascinating insight into his relationship with ...

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16 min

Inside Windsor Castle: The State Rooms

Windsor Castle curator Kate Heard provides Dan an exclusive tour of the royal palace's beautiful interior.

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34 min

How the Earth Shaped Human History

Lewis Dartnell explains how modern political and economic patterns correlate with events which happened not decades or centuries ago, but hundreds of millions of years ...

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26 min

Jan Stangreciuk: Veteran. Hero. Guinea Pig

Veteran. Hero. Guinea Pig. Dan Snow chats to Jan Stangreciuk, one of the last surviving members of pioneering surgeon Archibald McIndoe's Guinea Pig Club.

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28 min

Modern Spain

Sir Paul Preston CBE comes on the show to discuss Spain's modern history and explain why the stripping away of its empire in the early 19...

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33 min

Britain in the 1980s

Dominic Sandbrook comes on the podcast to talk through the early 1980s in all their gaudy glory and why this period marks a decisive turning ...

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12 min

Forgotten Heroines of the East End

Katie Wignall, founder of Look Up London, shines a light on the stories of Annie Besant, Annie Brewster and Sylia Pankhurst, several heroines who transformed ...

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47 min

The Air War: The Escalation of Allied Bombing

All sides in the Second World War believed that aerial bombardment could decisively affect the strategic outcome of the conflict. But did the unprecedented onslaught ...

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29 min

Strategic Bombing in World War Two with Victoria Taylor

Aviation historian Victoria Taylor answers key questions about the air war of World War Two: from the significance of the Dambusters raid to how we ...

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54 min

Bombing Campaigns of the Second World War

James Holland, leading World War Two historian and bestselling author, joins Dan Snow on the podcast to talk about why and how bombing reached such ...

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Battle of Britain 'What Ifs'

30th March, 2020

Dr. Jamie Wood and Professor Niall Mackay at the University of York are mathematicians who love history. Sensible dudes. They released a paper which sent ...

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A Strange Bit of History

29th March, 2020

We were delighted to have comedy royalty on the podcast. Omid Djalili talked to me about one of his earliest stage creations, first performed at ...

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How AI is Safeguarding Maritime Heritage

26th March, 2020

There are more historic artefacts on our ocean floor than there are in every museum in the world put together. Over thousands of years ships ...

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The Real Thomas Cromwell

25th March, 2020

Everyone is Thomas Cromwell obsessed at the moment. The man who rose to be the most powerful member of Henry VIII's court, his Lord Privy ...

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Britain's Fightback

23rd March, 2020

Daniel Todman is a Professor of Modern History at Queen Mary. He has just published his epic study of how during the Second World War ...

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How the Earth Shaped Human History

22nd March, 2020

Great leaders? Industrial change? Revolutions? If you thought these were the things that shaped history, think again. Back by popular demand, I was thrilled to ...

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Mystery of the Alexander the Great Coin Hoard

19th March, 2020

Off the coast of the Gaza Strip fishermen have been discovering coins of extreme rarity and importance. They date from the brief reign of Alexander ...

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Small Men on the Wrong Side of History

17th March, 2020

Dan chats with journalist and author Ed West about Ed's conservative views, which make him an anomaly among his peers. They explore why conservatives have ...

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How to Fight anti-Semitism

16th March, 2020

In this episode, Dan meets New York Times journalist and writer Bari Weiss, who grew up near and attended the Tree of Life synagogue in ...

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Jan Stangreciuk: Veteran. Hero. Guinea Pig.

15th March, 2020

Of all the clubs in the world, perhaps the most extraordinary is the Guinea Pig Club, a group of Second World War veterans that suffered ...

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Division. Corruption. Incompetence: A History of Spain

13th March, 2020

Professor Paul Preston doesn’t pull his punches. His magisterial new history of modern Spain is called 'A People Betrayed'. He is the greatest living ...

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The Human Tide

10th March, 2020

I was thrilled to chat to Paul Morland, a historian who uses population to explain almost all the major global shifts and events of the ...

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