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30 min

1918: The First World War’s Forgotten Year

Historian Richard van Emden, explains why we should give more attention to 1918 when studying the First World War. How close did Germany come to winning ...

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69 min

Snow on the Road: The Western Front

Dan Snow takes an emotional journey through the key battlefields of the Western Front, from the memorial parks at the Somme to the formidable defences ...

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10 min

Africa and War with David Olusoga

The first shot fired by British forces in the First World War was fired by an African soldier in Africa. Historian David Olusoga presents three 1418 ...

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37 Days

This three-part political thriller follows the catastrophic chain of events which led from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914 to the declaration of ...

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50 min

World War One’s Tunnels of Death: The Big Dig

Messines is among World War One's most iconic and dramatic battlefields; now for the first time in almost a century, the secrets long buried under ...

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33 min

The Road to 1914: Myths of Nationalism

Margaret MacMillan talks to her nephew Dan about her seminal book 'The War That Ended Peace: The Road To 1914'. They discuss the importance of ...

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41 min

Douglas Haig: The Most Hated Man in Modern British History?

Gary Sheffield is Professor of War Studies, University of Wolverhampton, and a specialist on Britain at war 1914-45. He discusses the controversial figure of Douglas ...

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56 min

Forgotten Faces of the Great War: The Chinese Labour Corps

China started out as a neutral country during the First World War. But by early 1917, one thousand Chinese men were on their way to the ...

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15 min

The Lost Battalion

In October 1918, 550 men of the United States 77th Division were cut off and surrounded by German forces in the Argonne forest.

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21 min

Dan Snow In Conversation with Peter Jackson

Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson discusses his stunning new film They Shall Not Grow Old.

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Whitechapel Bell Foundry with Adam Lowe from Factum Arte

16th November, 2018

Whitechapel Bell Foundry was formally founded in 1570, and continued casting bells until 2017. It cast the Liberty Bell and Big Ben. In this episode, Dan talks ...

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The History of Europe with Simon Jenkins

14th November, 2018

Dan talks to Simon Jenkins about his new book, A Short History of Europe, and about Britain's in-out relationship with the continent of Europe as ...

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How Should We Remember the First World War? with Dan Todman

11th November, 2018

On Armistice Sunday, Dan talks to Dan Todman about remembrance, and the ways in which we think about the events of the First World War. ...

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The Events of 11 November 1918 with Paul Reed

11th November, 2018

What happened on the last morning of the First World War, in the hours before the guns fell silent at 11:00? Dan talks to Paul Reed ...

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First World War Theatre with Helen Brooks

10th November, 2018

Dan Visits the First World War Theatre Project, an Arts and HUmanities Research Council project, to hear about what plays made it past the censors ...

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World War One Shipwrecks with the Maritime Archaeology Trust

9th November, 2018

Dan talks to Jesse Ransley from the Maritime Archaeological Trust about some of the many fascinating First World War shipwrecks to be found in the ...

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George V's Pilgrimage to the Western Front with Charles Goodson-Wickes

8th November, 2018

After the war, George V visited the Western Front in a small pilgrimage to pay homage to the dead. Charles Goodson-Wickes' grandfather, Frank Fox, travelled ...

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Chinese Labour Corps in World War One with Wenlan Peng

8th November, 2018

During the First World War, many Chinese came to work as labourers on the Western Front, but their story is rarely told. Dan talks to ...

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The Lost Battalion with Mark Fastoso and John King

7th November, 2018

Dan talks to the producers of a new documentary about a battalion cut off during the Meuse-Argonne offensive, Mark Fastoso and John King. You can ...

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How Democracies Decay with Brian Klaas

6th November, 2018

Dan talks to academic ad Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas about how democracies decay, and what it looks like when they slide into authoritarian nationalism. ...

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Shot At Dawn: Harry Farr with Janet Booth

5th November, 2018

Dan talks to Janet Booth, the grand-daughter of Harry Farr, who was shot for cowardice in October 1916. For one week, to commemorate the end of ...

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How to impeach a president - Joshua Matz

4th November, 2018

Dan talks to Joshua Matz an Attorney and expert in American constitutional law. For more exclusive documentaries and interviews visit HistoryHit.TV. Producer: Natt ...

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