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47 min

Hong Kong’s History: Part 2 with Jason Wordie

Hong Kong local historian Jason Wordie talks Dan through the Battle of Hong Kong during the Second World War and how it sounded the death-knell ...

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18 min

Waterloo: Napoleon’s Final Battle

In the Spring of 1815 the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte, one of history's most accomplished generals, escaped his jailers and returned to Paris in what is known ...

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17 min

George Orwell’s 1984 with Dorian Lynskey

Author and journalist Dorian Lynskey answers key questions about one of the seminal novels of the 20th century, George Orwell's 1984, which was published 70 years ago.

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40 min

Uncovering the Enigma: Bletchley Park

Join Dan Snow on an exclusive tour of the house and grounds, as well as the little known but all-important cottages that surround Bletchley Park.

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21 min

5 Great Speeches by Allied Leaders on D-Day

Allied leaders and generals delivered remarkable speeches to encourage and thank the service of Allied troops on D-Day.

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56 min

Star Wars and History

Dan Snow talks to historian, academic, and Star Wars fan, Janice Liedl, about the movie franchise's historical influences. Janice's book 'Star Wars and History' was ...

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22 min

D-Day: As It Happened

Documentary covering events of June 6 1944 from the airborne drops of the early morning through to the German fightback of the late afternoon.

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23 min

Corner Shops with Babita Sharma

Babita Sharma is esteemed British broadcaster, and a presenter on BBC News and the BBC World News. In this episode, she takes us through a ...

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41 min

The Irish Border with Professor Marie Coleman

Dan and Professor Marie Coleman get into the details of the border between Ireland and North Ireland. How did it come to be, how has ...

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27 min

Mary Wollstonecraft with Bee Rowlatt

Dan talks to Bee Rowlatt about the life and death of the author of A Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft.

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Circe and Greek Myths with Madeleine Miller

23rd June, 2019

Dan and bestselling author Madeleine Miller chat Greek myths and the Odyssey. They talk about Virgil, the Aenead, Patroclus and Agamemnon, and whether Dan should ...

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British Women in India with Katie Hickman

20th June, 2019

Katie Hickman takes us on a tour of British India before 1900, looking at women and the lives they led. Highlights include a discussion of whether ...

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The Green Room Podcast! Crediton Arts Centre

19th June, 2019

James and Sam launch their first Green Room podcast! Unexpected historical thoughts as they travel around the country's theatres and arts centres with their Histories ...

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The Battle of Waterloo with Peter Snow

18th June, 2019

We revisit Dan's interview with Peter Snow to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, and learn more about this conflict which changed the ...

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500th Episode: A History of Fatherhood and Some History Hit Highlights

16th June, 2019

We celebrate our 500th podcast with a new look at fatherhood and a selection of the best moments from our podcast. We hear the testimony ...

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The Tudors

14th June, 2019

Sam Willis and James Daybell explore the unexpected history of the Tudors! Is it all about Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn? Hampton Court and the Mary ...

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The Lost World of Doggerland with Simon Fitch

12th June, 2019

Just off the British coast is a sunken world that was once the hub of mesolithic Europe. Simon Fitch, a specialist in Archaeological Sciences from ...

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George Orwell and 1984 with Dorian Lynskey

10th June, 2019

1984 is one of the greatest books ever written, and continues to both haunt and inform public perceptions of totalitarianism. Dan talks to Dorian Lynskey, who ...

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Britain and Empire in the 20th Century with David Edgerton

9th June, 2019

David Edgerton attacks outdated views of the British nation and the British Empire during the 20th century with his new book. He revitalises discussion about ...

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D-Day with James Holland

6th June, 2019

James Holland lectures about D-Day, covering the planning and the myths; from Montgomery's planning to the casualty rate on Omaha beach. This tour de force ...

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D-Day Special Episode

6th June, 2019

James and Sam tackle the unexpected history of D-Day in tribute to the 75th anniversary the Normandy landings. It's all to do with the Cold ...

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Stories of Valour on D-Day with Stuart Robertson, Bill Fitzgerald and George Skipper

5th June, 2019

This episode focuses on tales of individual bravery at D-Day as we approach the 75th anniversary. Dan talks to two veterans, Bill Fitzgerald and George ...

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