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Explore Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the most technologically advanced and culturally rich civilisations in antiquity. Over the course of its existence – which some experts date from 3,100 BC to around the 4th century BC – ancient Egypt gave rise to towering megaliths, dynastic struggles and a refined pictographic script.

To this day, Egypt’s ancient relics are renowned the world over, with its many tombs, temples and pyramids still captivating archaeologists and history fans alike. Indeed, a huge part of ancient Egypt’s enduring allure is that many of its finest creations – from the Great Sphinx of Giza to King Tutankhamun’s golden death mask – remain immaculately preserved in the 21st century.

So, fancy walking amongst the ghosts of pharaohs in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings? Want to finally visit the pyramids in real life? Or perhaps you’d like to get up close with ancient Egyptian artifacts in a museum?

Whatever way you want to experience ancient Egypt, be sure to explore our handy guide to the famed civilisation below.

Here, you’ll find information on Egypt’s most iconic ancient temples and pyramids, as well as a whole host of different ways to discover Egypt’s rich history – from calling at centuries-old Cairo cafès to spending the night in historic Egyptian hotels.

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