The Road to Rome

The Road to Rome

Characterised by a fearsome army, architectural innovations and a sprawling system of bureaucratic rule, Roman civilisation existed from 753 BC to 476 AD. At its peak, the Roman Empire ruled swathes of the planet, from Britain right through to the Middle East.

While ancient Rome was not without its horrors – such as gladiatorial bloodsports and widespread slavery – it was also an era of political and cultural innovation.

Roman structures are still standing the world over, a testament to the ingenuity and quality of their construction. There are famed sites like the Colosseum in Rome and Hadrian’s Wall in Britain, but there are also dozens of lesser-known Roman architectural jewels across the globe that are just as worthy of attention.

From crumbling Roman bathhouses to towering ancient amphitheatres, here’s History Hit’s rundown of the finest Roman sites to discover around the world.