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Discover the World’s Most Iconic Castles

For millennia, societies around the globe have used castles for shelter, defense and control. Stone fortresses started appearing in large numbers in Europe from around the 9th century, employing ever-improving architectural features to better guard against invasions and upheavals.

But the days of bloody sieges are thankfully now things of the past. Instead, castles today are, more often than not, pleasant places to visit.

From Britain to Japan, India to Slovakia, old castles have been converted into places of leisure and tourism, complete with museums, mazes, live reenactments and all manner of different events and activities.

Fancy learning how to prepare a traditional medieval meal? Want to watch a live jousting display? Or perhaps you’re keen to spend the night in a historic stronghold?

If so, we’ve put together this handy guide to all things castles. So, whether you’re organising a fun family day out or planning your dream historical holiday, here’s History Hit’s guide to the world’s finest forts and strongholds.