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Borgholm Castle

Borgholm, Kalmar lan, Sweden

Borgholm Castle is a picturesque ruined medieval castle on the Swedish island of Öland which is now a popular tourist attraction.

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About Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle, also known as Borgholms Slott, is a ruined medieval castle and palace complex located on the Swedish island of Öland.

Borgholm Castle Museum

The origins of the original fortifications built on this site are obscure, but it is believed that a castle has stood at Borgholm since around the 12th century AD.

Over the following centuries, Borgholm Castle was often involved in the conflicts which often took place between the Nordic kingdoms and was damaged and rebuilt several times – including a significant rebuild under Gustav I of Sweden and his son John III.

In the 17th century Borgholm Castle was remodelled along the lines of an opulent Baroque palace by King Charles X Gustav – he is the only king to have actually lived at the castle. However, the lifetime of this palace was short due to a devastating fire which swept through the complex in 1806, leaving just the impressive and striking ruined shell which still survives intact.

Borgholm Castle today

Today, Borgholm Castle is a popular tourist attraction and visitors can explore the castle ruins as well as learning more about the history of this strategic crossroads. The castle is a popular tourist attraction and one of the most picturesque castles in the country.

The ruins also comprise a living museum, combining history with the present. The castle mixes permanent exhibits about the castle’s history with art exhibitions, children’s activities, guided tours and concerts. At the Castle new exhibitions and concerts is constantly presented, creating an interesting and exiting environment.

Getting to Borgholm Castle

The address of Borgholm Castle is Sollidenvägen 5, 387 94 Borgholm, Sverige. The nearest city to the ruined castle is Kalmar. From here, vistors can take the bus (Line 101), which takes approximately 55 minutes or drive via Route 137 and Route 136 (35-minutes). Taxi services are also available from Kalmar.

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