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The Battle of Okinawa

3rd April, 2020

The last great battle of the Second World War was fought on the island of Okinawa. After 83 blood-soaked days, almost a quarter of a million people lost their lives. The ...

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Origins of the Spanish Flu

2nd April, 2020

This episode features military historian Douglas Gill who has extensively researched the origins of the Spanish Influenza as it emerged in 1915 and 1916 in northern France. Douglas has worked alongside leading ...

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Valkyrie: The Warrior Women of the Viking World

1st April, 2020

I was thrilled to have Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir on the pod. We talked about Viking women, old Norse-Icelandic sagas, mythology and poetry. Who were these Viking ...

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Battle of Britain 'What Ifs'

30th March, 2020

Dr. Jamie Wood and Professor Niall Mackay at the University of York are mathematicians who love history. Sensible dudes. They released a paper which sent the rest of the history ...

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A Strange Bit of History

29th March, 2020

We were delighted to have comedy royalty on the podcast. Omid Djalili talked to me about one of his earliest stage creations, first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1993. ...

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How AI is Safeguarding Maritime Heritage

26th March, 2020

There are more historic artefacts on our ocean floor than there are in every museum in the world put together. Over thousands of years ships carrying every conceivable cargo have ...

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The Real Thomas Cromwell

25th March, 2020

Everyone is Thomas Cromwell obsessed at the moment. The man who rose to be the most powerful member of Henry VIII's court, his Lord Privy Seal, Principal Secretary and Chancellor. ...

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Britain's Fightback

23rd March, 2020

Daniel Todman is a Professor of Modern History at Queen Mary. He has just published his epic study of how during the Second World War Britain fought back from near ...

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How the Earth Shaped Human History

22nd March, 2020

Great leaders? Industrial change? Revolutions? If you thought these were the things that shaped history, think again. Back by popular demand, I was thrilled to be joined by bestselling author ...

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Mystery of the Alexander the Great Coin Hoard

19th March, 2020

Off the coast of the Gaza Strip fishermen have been discovering coins of extreme rarity and importance. They date from the brief reign of Alexander the Great in the Third ...

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