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HMS Caroline with Melissa Morton and William Hughes

20th March, 2019

Dan explores the HMS Caroline, the last ship that survived the Battle of Jutland and remains afloat. The team from the museum of the HMS Caroline and the man in ...

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Suzannah Lipscomb on Uncovering the Lost Stories of Women in the Past

18th March, 2019

Suzannah Lipscomb's latest work unearths the lives of women in 16th and 17th century through a series of court sources that few have looked through. Dan talks to her about ...

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The Afghanistan War in Helmand with Dr Mike Martin

17th March, 2019

Dr Mike Martin famously critiqued the Ministry of Defence in 2014, who tried to prevent the publication of his book. The book was based on a series of conversations Martin had ...

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Kohima: Britain's Greatest Battle with Akiko MacDonald and Richard Greenwood

15th March, 2019

The Battle of Kohima was a critical part of the war fought between Britain and Japan during World War II. It acted as a turning point on the eastern front ...

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Shellshock with Suzie Grogan

13th March, 2019

Suzie Grogan talks about the 'hidden illness' of World War One, now better known as shellshock or PTSD. Dan chats with her about the initial reception to cases of shellshock ...

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The Nuclear Test Veterans with Suzie Boniface

11th March, 2019

Suzie Boniface discusses those who were harmed by the nuclear tests conducted by the British atom bomb, as controversy surrounds the first British atomic test in 1952, and the subsequent testing ...

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Letters to Obama with Jeanne Marie Laskas

10th March, 2019

Every day, ten thousand Americans wrote to Obama. Jeanne Marie Laskas tells their story, and the profound impact that these letters had on the President.For ad free versions of ...

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Friends of the Earth with Craig Bennett

9th March, 2019

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Craig Bennett, current CEO of Friends of the Earth in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, talks to Dan ...

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Jerusalem on the Amstel with Lipika Pelham

6th March, 2019

Lipika Pelham talks to Dan about the Dutch Jewish community in Amsterdam, how the Sephardim Jews ended up there and what they endured during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands....

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Introducing: Hidden Histories with Helen Carr

4th March, 2019

In this episode, Helen Carr talks to Lindsey Fitzharris about Joseph Lister and the development of germ theory.The new show on the History Hit network, Hidden Histories, sees Helen ...

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