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The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher with Charles Moore

20th October, 2019

Margaret Thatcher is one of the most polarising political figures of British 20th Century history. After becoming the first female Prime Minister, she became the first post war PM to ...

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The Remarkable Life and Mysterious death of Germanicus Julius Caesar with Lindsay Powell

17th October, 2019

Germanicus was one of the most popular and successful generals of the early Roman Principate. Step grandson of the Roman emperor Augustus, he died 2,000 years ago this month. His death ...

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Victor Gregg: Britain's Most Famous War Veteran Turns 100

15th October, 2019

Victor Gregg, was taken prisoner as the Allies retreated during the Battle of Arnhem, and was taken as a POW to Dresden, where he was alive during the Dresden firebombing. ...

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1066 Revisited: The Battle of Hastings with Marc Morris

14th October, 2019

For the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, we revisit Marc Morris' brilliantly constructed narrative of the Battle of Hastings, and all of the build-up. Taking us from the sources ...

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The Rise and Fall of the House of York During the Wars of the Roses with Thomas Penn

13th October, 2019

Thomas Penn, author of the Winter King, has released a new comprehensive history of the Wars of the Roses, making the striking claim that we shouldn't view the Wars of ...

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12 Days That Shaped Modern Britain with Professor Andrew Hindmoor

10th October, 2019

Professor Andrew Hindmoor, head of Politics at the University of Sheffield, chats to Dan about the days that he thinks shaped Britain today. He talks about the notion of looking ...

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The Haitian Revolution, History's Most Successful Slave Revolt with Dr Nicole Willson

8th October, 2019

The Haitian Revolution caused a seismic shift in global politics. When a mixture of different groups on the French colony of Saint Domingue rose against the colonists, few expected the ...

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Orlando Figes on Cultural Change in 19th Century Europe

6th October, 2019

Orlando Figes talks to Dan about social and technological developments and their relationship to cultural changes in the 19th century. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Listen Now


The History of Celebrity with Greg Jenner

3rd October, 2019

Dan talks to Greg Jenner about the history of celebrity and his role as historical advisor in the Horrible Histories film. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Listen Now


The Crusades with Dan Jones

1st October, 2019

Dan Jones tells the story of The Crusades from their 11th century origins to their relevance today. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Listen Now

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