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Hunting the Bismarck

20th January, 2020

In May 1941, the Royal Navy pursued Nazi Germany's largest battleship, the Bismarck, in the greatest chase story in the history of naval warfare. Bismarck represented the single most important threat ...

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The Man Who Volunteered for Auschwitz

19th January, 2020

In 1940 the Polish resistance decided it needed to send an agent to Auschwitz concentration camp. They were desperate to find out what was going on in a place that even ...

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'Seducing and Killing Nazis'

15th January, 2020

During the Second World War the Netherlands fell to advancing German forces in just a few hours. The Dutch found themselves under Nazi occupation. Many men and women resisted, which ...

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How History Inspires Environmental Activism

14th January, 2020

The world faces a unique environmental challenge. The scale of response to this looming catastrophe can be overwhelming. But economist and activist Andrew Simms believes that history provides us with ...

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The Commando Raid that Changed the Course of WW2

12th January, 2020

In October 1942 the British launched a small raid on the Channel Island of Sark. A cast of characters who gave their colleague Ian Fleming ideas for a new secret agent ...

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Sam Mendes on 1917

9th January, 2020

In this podcast Dan talks to Golden Globe winning film maker Sam Mendes about his new World War One film 1917. Based in part on an account told to Mendes by ...

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The Persian War

8th January, 2020

In the 5th century BC the world's first super power, the Persian Empire, went to war against a ragtag collection of cities and statelets on its western frontier. It was ...

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Interwar Germany’s Secret Ally: The USSR

6th January, 2020

After the First World War the German Army was in crisis. Limited in the size and its equipment by the Versailles Treaty which ended the war, it was a shadow ...

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Ink: A History of Tattooing

5th January, 2020

Matt Lodder is the world's leading expert on the history of tattoos. He has found evidence of people using ink or charcoal on their bodies stretching back thousands of years. ...

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Geordies: A History

3rd January, 2020

'Northumbrian patriot' Dan Jackson, who has just written a book on the history of Northeast England and its people, comes on the podcast to talk about his native Northumberland. For ...

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