History Hit Audio Frequently Asked Questions | History Hit

What is an RSS feed? 

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a link to a stream of content. In our case, it’s a podcast. An RSS feed lets subscribers consume new podcast episodes whenever it’s published, without needing to manually check the source website.

If you’re a History Hit subscriber, you have access to a private RSS feed that allows you to play episodes of Dan Snow’s History Hit advert free, via your chosen podcast player. 


How does the ad free RSS feed work?

The RSS feed is unique to your email address and subscription status with History Hit. it also an advert free version of the podcast series. Once you’ve filled in the form, as long as your History Hit subscription is active, the link will be sent to you. 


How do I play the feed via my chosen player? 

Once you’ve clicked the link, you should be prompted to select the podcast player of your choice via a screen that looks like the below. From here, select your chosen podcast player.

Your podcast player will then direct you to a screen where you can add your subscription to the player: 

From here there’s nothing else to do. Simply go to your podcast player and new episodes will appear automatically. 


Which Podcast series are available in this format?
Dan Snow’s History Hit is the first we’re releasing. Our other series will be released throughout 2023. 


You also have an Apple Subscription option. Do I need to sign up to this as well?
No, as a History Hit Subscriber you can access Dan Snow’s History Hit advert free via Apple podcasts as well by following the above process. 


What podcast players can I use to access ad free episodes of Dan Snow’s History Hit? 

You can use the following: 

  • Google Podcasts
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Pocket Catcher
  • CastBox
  • Overcast
  • Podcast Addict


Can I use Spotify?
Unfortunately Spotify does not allow private RSS feeds to be used in their player.