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Aesica Roman Fort

Haltwhistle, England, United Kingdom

About Aesica Roman Fort

Aesica was one of several Roman Forts build along the line of Hadrian’s Wall. It is thought to have been constructed in the early 2nd century – probably around 128 AD. Today it’s remains sit directly alongside a modern farm complex.

Unlike other forts along Hadrian’s Wall, Aesica is actually located to the south of the Wall, but stands next to foundations that were prepared for the broad wall. The original fort had three main gates with double portals and towers at each corner of the fort.

At some point the western gate was completely blocked up. Today the fort remains reasonably well preserved by the standards of the sites along Hadrian’s Wall, with a number of the external walls still visible along with the outlines of many of the internal buildings.

A Roman bathhouse has also been found a short distance to the south of the fort, around 100 yards away.