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Andone Castle

Bourg-Charente, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

About Andone Castle

The Andone Castrum is a ruined fortification in Villejoubert, Charente, France and dates from the 11th century. The site was occupied by an Iron Age necropolis, and then by a Gallo-Roman villa which was abandoned in the 4th century.

Andone Castrum was most likely occupied from around 970–980 until 1028. The site may have been abandoned in part due to lack of a water supply or to the cramped interior.

The site has been relatively undisturbed since being abandoned and excavations have given useful insights into daily life around the year 1000 in an aristocratic home. The fort has been classified Monument historique since 13 August 1986.

Findings include coins, tools, weapons, many horse fittings, small glass vessels, flat glass plates, furniture of stone, bone and wood, ceramic vessels and small earthenware objects. There is evidence of weaving and a smithy, with abundant metal objects. These include ironwork from doors, furniture and chests. The weapons do not include swords or lances, and suggest hunting rather than combat. Locally made chess pieces give evidence of an aristocratic lifestyle.