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Battle of Mortimer’s Cross

Mortimers Cross, England, United Kingdom

Wars of the Roses batlle, leading to the death of Owen Tudor.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / CC / Jeff Tomlinson

About Battle of Mortimer’s Cross

During the Wars of the Roses, the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross was fought in the middle of winter on 2nd February 1461. A monument, which is situated in the approximate location of the battle site, was built in 1799 with a long inscription that commemorates the battle.

History of Battle of Mortimer’s Cross

The battle itself probably took place somewhere between Mortimer’s Cross and Kingsland. A Yorkist army, under the command of Edward, Earl of March (later Edward IV) intercepted a Lancastrian army, under the leadership of Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, which was marching from Wales into England.

Several of the Lancastrian leaders were captured, including Jasper Tudor’s father, Owen Tudor. Owen Tudor had married Katherine de Valois, widow of Henry V, and so his sons, Jasper and Edmund, although not of the Lancastrian line, were half brothers to Henry VI.

The battle added to Edward, Earl of March’s military reputation as well as strengthening the Yorkist cause as Edward’s success helped persuade many influential southerners to accept him when he became Edward IV in 1461.

Battle of Mortimer’s Cross Today

It is worth noting that, like many Wars of the Roses battle sites, the exact location of Mortimer’s Cross Battlefield is still a subject of debate. It is also one of the most obscure battles of the Wars of the Roses. The position highlighted on the map is the location of a monument to the battle.

A simple sandstone memorial to the battle is located on a roadside in Kingsland, near Mortimer’s Cross. It is modestly sized and has an inscription upon it.

Getting to Battle of Mortimer’s Cross

From the centre of Birmingham, The Battle of Mortimer’s Cross memorial is an hour and 25 minute drive via the A456 road. From the centre of Leominster, the memorial is reachable in around 10 minutes via the B4360 road, or an hour and a half via the same route. For the bus route, make sure you get off at Corners Inn, then head north west for around 10-15 minutes to reach the site.

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