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Casa Romana

Kos, Aegean, Greece

Casa Romana is a third century Ancient Roman villa in Kos.

Antara Bate

24 Nov 2020
Image Credit: WIkimedia CC Mickapr

About Casa Romana

Casa Romana is a third century Ancient Roman villa in Kos. With its 36 rooms, Casa Romana would certainly have been luxurious. It was also built atop an earlier Hellenistic villa, probably from the first century.

Across from Casa Romana are the ruins of the second century Temple of Dionysus, not too impressive in themselves, but worth seeing in conjunction with the villa.

Casa Romana history

The Casa Romana, or Roman Manor, one of the most interesting sites on the island of Kos. In 1933 the great earthquake nearly destroyed the whole island. This provided an opportunity to conduct extensive excavations and learn more about the ancient monuments underneath the levelled structures. Italian archaeologist Laurenzi was in charge of the excavation and a full restoration project that lasted until 1940. The surviving structure of the house was rebuilt and provides insight into how a wealthy Koan official and his family would have lived.

Casa Romana has 36 rooms and a group of 3 atriums, which were supposed to provide light and air to the surrounding rooms. Each of these atriums has a small fountain in the middle. The first atrium used to host a small statue of Asklepius in the hallway. The second atrium has a floor decorated with dolphins and a sea-nymph. In addition, its walls are covered with marble. The third atrium is the biggest of all. Its floors are also covered with mosaic, while its walls have wall paintings.

In the first atrium, a mosaic depicts a leopard rushing at a deer and a lion attacking a wild goat. The floors around the pool of the second atrium are decorated with mosaics depicting dolphins and a Nereid on a sea horse holding a torch. In the rooms next to the third atrium, the mosaics depict a tiger and a leopard.

To the east of the Casa Romana lie the ruins of the Central Thermae (Baths) or Thermae of Amygdalonas, excavated in 1934. In some spots, the mosaic floors are preserved as well as the places where the heating of the water took place.

Casa Romana today

The Casa Romana is situated on Grigoriou Pemptou Street in an area that constituted the neighbourhood of aristocratic houses during the Roman period. The Casa Romana has been reopened to the public in the spring of 2015 after some extensive restoration which has effectively highlighted the different elements of this unique manor.

Getting to Casa Romana

Casa Romana is less than half an hour’s drive away from Kos airport.There is free parking near to the site.


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