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Castle Acre Priory

King's Lynn and West Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

About Castle Acre Priory

Castle Acre Priory was a monastery founded in 1090 AD by William de Warenne, the Second Earl of Surrey. Inspired by the French monastery of Cluny, de Warenne built Castle Acre Priory in its image. The result was an impressive and ornately decorated medieval monastic structure later accompanied by a twelfth century church.

Castle Acre Priory survived until 1537, when it became one of many monasteries to be dissolved by Henry VIII. Today, the ruins and remains of Castle Acre Priory form one England’s largest monastic sites and, managed by English Heritage, it offers visitors an insight into the history of the order of the Cluniacs.

There are several exhibitions at Castle Acre Priory, including a recreation of the monks’ herb garden and displays of original artefacts. Audio guides are available, making the site easy to navigate and understand. A visit usually last around a couple of hours.