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Château de Bity

Correze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

About Château de Bity

The Château de Bity is a château in Sarran, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. The château was re-built in the 17th century after it burned down in 1579.  

In 1925, it was acquired by William Noel Lucas-Shadwell, a British intelligence officer. In 1934-1935, he invited Leon Trotsky to the castle.

During World War II, it was a hiding place for members of the French Resistance, and later served as a hospital. 

In 1969, it was acquired by Jacques Chirac, who went on to serve as president of France from 1995 to 2007. He invited Jiang Zemin to the castle in October 1999. In July 2012, he hosted François Hollande, France’s current president.