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Dieppe Castle

Dieppe, Normandy, France

About Dieppe Castle

Dieppe Castle is a medieval fortress located in the French town of Dieppe, Normandy. The original castle was founded in 1188 and destroyed just a few years later in 1195. The site was restored in the 14th century and was later in large part reconstructed in 1433 by Charles des Marets.

The castle is composed of a quadrangular enclosure with round flanking towers and a lower court adjacent. The large west tower dates perhaps from the 14th century and served as the keep. Several architectural styles are represented, and flint and sandstone are used in the buildings. A brick bastion and various other buildings have been added to the original enclosure.

It was bought by the town in 1903 and today is home to the Dieppe museum. The castle offers a panoramic view over the town and the coast.