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Edgecote Moor Battlefield

Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom

Edgecote Moor was the site of a battle in the Wars of the Roses which resulted in a victory for the Lancastrians.

Lily Johnson

14 Jul 2021
Image Credit: David M Jones / CC

About Edgecote Moor Battlefield

Edgecote Moor Battlefield is the site of a battle fought during the Wars of the Roses, that resulted in the capture of Edward IV by the Earl of Warwick.

Edgecote Moor Battlefield history

Not very well documented, the Battle of Edgecote Moor was fought on 26 July 1469, and pitched the Yorkist forces under the Earl of Pembroke, against the Lancastrians, under the leadership of ‘Robin of Redesdale’. This was almost certainly a pseudonym for one of the Northern lords who, encouraged by the Earl of Warwick, had stirred a rebellion against the rule of Edward IV.

The Earl of Pembroke was reportedly marching with his forces to join Edward IV in Nottingham alongside the Earl of Devon, when a dispute broke out between the two Earls. The Earl of Devon left with his troops, and by the time the battle was underway they were too far to return and play a meaningful role, leaving Pembroke short of men – particularly the all-important archers.

The Lancastrian army forced Pembroke into hand-to-hand combat and when reinforcements arrived for the rebel troops, Pembroke’s men fled. They sustained many casualties during the retreat, and Pembroke himself was captured and executed the next day. The outcome of this battle enabled Warwick to capture Edward, and thus become the effective ruler of the kingdom.

Edgecote Moor Battlefield today

Edgecote Moor battlefield is north east of Banbury in Northamptonshire. As with many sites of Wars of the Roses battles, the actual site of Edgecote Moor battlefield is still uncertain, although Edgecote Moor is clearer than many others.

The current accepted location the battlefield is easily accessible over rights of way, and has an information board detailing its history.

Getting to Edgecote Moor Battlefield

The battlefield is located near Banbury in Northamptonshire, and can be reached via Culworth Road. Banbury train station is around 9 miles away, while the 200 bus stops in Chipping Warden, around a 40-minute walk away.

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