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Finchcocks House

Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom

Finchcocks House and Museum holds over 100 historical keyboard instruments and is housed in an 18th century manor house.

Lily Johnson

24 Nov 2020
Image Credit: Clavecin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

About Finchcocks House

Finchcocks House in Kent is a historic Georgian manor and estate gardens, that once held a musical museum and today may be hired out for holiday stays and hosts residential piano courses.

Finchcocks House history

The Finchcocks site has been occupied since at least the 13th century, and derives its name from the original owners of the estate. The current house was built in 1725 by Edward Bathurst, a London barrister, and remained in the family for 75 years before it was sold off in 1796 – ending 260 years of Bathurst occupation of the site.

Over the following 2 centuries the house passed through the Springett and Hussey families, before in the 20th century becoming the Finchcocks Musical Museum. This comprised of over 100 historical keyboard instruments and gained international acclaim, before closing in 2015.

Finchcocks House today

Today Finchcocks is a private home owned by Neil and Harriet Nichols, however its musical legacy continues through residential piano courses. Other sections of the estate are also hired out for holidays, and the estate boasts fine gardens and grounds with over 13 acres of parkland.