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Hoveton Hall Estate

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About Hoveton Hall Estate

Hoveton Hall Estate is a Regency-style house and grounds in Norfolk, England, covering 620 acres, which includes highly acclaimed gardens.

History of Hoveton Hall Estate

The house in its current form was built between 1809 and 1812. A property named Hoveton Hall is marked on a 1797 map of Norfolk, but there is little information available about this building, which experts believe could have been a small manor house.

Christabell Burroughes commissioned architect Humphrey Repton and his son to design what is the current version of Hoveton Hall, perhaps partly based on elements of Sheringham Hall, another building designed by Repton in Norfolk. Hoveton passed down to the Preston family, who owned land around the area. The house was eventually sold to Geoffrey and Mary Buxton in 1919, and although it is still owned by Buxton family members today, Hoveton was first sold to the Cradock family in 1929. They, in turn, sold Hoveton to Douglas Clark, who built-in many interior architectural features that remain today, including an elaborate staircase in one of the building’s main halls.

Hoveton returned to the Buxton family in 1946, when it was sold to Desmond Buxton. The estate’s magnificent gardens were originally designed by Christabell Burroughs and Humphrey Repton. Christabell – a keen gardener – designed the estate’s walled garden, now known as the ‘Spider Garden’, to reflect its iron gate with a spider’s web design which was built in 1936.

Hoveton Hall Estate today

The gardens are perhaps the most famous feature of Hoveton Hall today. As well as the walled ‘Spider Garden’, the grounds hold a walled kitchen garden (which is still used to grow fruit), an early 19th century glasshouse, a magnolia garden stretching alongside a lake, a woodland walk (full of rhododendrons, azaleas and ample wildlife, including butterflies and around 100 species of bird). The gardens also host entertainment, including outdoor theatre productions, such as Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, and live jazz. The estate also features accommodation within the hall that can be hired.

Getting to Hoveton Hall Estate

Hoveton Hall Estate is in Norwich, east England. Hoveton and Wroxham rail station is around two miles away, so it is generally easiest to arrive and depart by car if possible. The estate is a short distance off the A1151 road.

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