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Kalavarda, Aegean, Greece

Kamiros was an ancient city on the island of Rhodes, the ruins of which include an acropolis.

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About Kamiros

Kamiros (Kameiros) was an ancient city on the island of Rhodes, with ruins that include an acropolis. Excavations have revealed a long a diverse history at Kamiros, including a temple dedicated to Athena dating to the 8th century BC.

History of Kamiros

Twice destroyed by earthquakes (in 226BC and 142BC), the main remains at Kamiros date to the Hellenistic period, although some Classical elements are also visible. The Hellenistic city was built on three levels with various buildings and monuments including an agora, a Doric fountain house, a reservoir and a stoa.

Kamiros Today

Located on Rhodes’s north-western coast, the other side of the island from the more popular beaches, Kamiros is well worth a visit. It is easily accessible by car and less crowded than the better-known acropolis of Lindos. Unlike Lindos, the ancient city of Kamiros has not been overlaid by a modern town, so its geography remains visible to the visitor.

The acropolis commands fabulous views across the sea to the coast of Turkey, and below it is, reasonably well preserved, the remains of a town with all its ancient conveniences. If you have a car, and are prepared to explore the less touristy side of the island, you will see stunning countryside, including Rhodes’s highest mountain, looming at over 1000m, and the Island’s own wine producing region, Embonas.

It’s also worth having a bite to eat in one of the area’s seafood tavernas.

Getting to Kamiros

From the centre of Rhodes, Kamiros Archaeological Site is reachable in around 45 minutes by car via the Epar.Od. Ialisou-Katavias roads.

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