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Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme

La Neuville-les-Bray, Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, France

Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme is a reconstruction of the supply line used by allied forces in France during World War I.

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About Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme

Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme (the Somme train line) is a reconstruction of the original train line used to transport supplies to and from the battlefield during the Battle of the Somme in World War One.

Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme history

In 1915, the French Army built a railway along the Somme Canal between Péronne and Froissy. Between 1916 and 1918 the railway was at the Allied front line, and transporting 1,500 tonnes of materials daily.

After the war, the railway was used in assisting with the reconstruction and also to bring food into the villages it served. New lines were laid including a zig-zag to reach the Santerre Plateau. The line escaped World War II with little damage, although one train of molasses was attacked by a British aircraft.

Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme today

Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme still operates today as a tourist attractions, using traditional steam or diesel trains. It offers a great panoramic view over the Somme Valley as far as the Santerre plateau on a 14 km round-trip from Froissy to Dompierre. Along the way, visitors will notice the zigzag to get up the hill.

Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme also has a museum, some of which concerns the World War One aspects of the railways and others of which are related to the use of the railways for industrial purposes. It features a large collection of 600mm gauge railway material, steam engines, diesel engines and wagons, in an 1800 m² exhibition hall inaugurated in 1996.

Getting to Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme

The address of Le P’tit Train de la Haute Somme is Hameau de Froissy 80340 LA NEUVILLE-LES-BRAY, France. This is where you can board the steam train and begin a 14km journey through history and past fields with fantastic views of the Somme valley.

Prices for Adults range from 9.50 to 11 Euros, whilst children can board for 7 Euros. There is free parking and a bar, cafeteria and tea-room on site.

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