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Loseley Park

Guildford, Surrey, England

Celeste Neill

19 May 2022
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About Loseley Park

Built in the reign of Elizabeth I, Loseley Park is a large Tudor manor house that stands in ancient Surrey Parkland close to the North Downs. It was visited several times by Elizabeth I and by subsequent monarchs.

Loseley Park history

The estate was acquired by the direct ancestors of the current owners and residents, the More-Molyneux family, at the beginning of the 16th century, during the reign of Henry VII. The house was purchased by Sir Christopher More, but it was his son Sir William More, an Elizabethan courtier and statesman, who had the architectural vision of building a place of calm, grace and subtle beauty.

The present house was built between 1562-1568 and replaced a smaller one that Elizabeth I had declared was not ‘adequate’ for her to visit, requesting something larger be built. In 1689 a descendant of Sir William married into the Molyneux family and the More-Molyneuxs have owned Loseley Park ever since.

The drawing-room is thought to have been built in anticipation of another state visit, from Elizabeth’s successor, James I and VI, who presented the family with portraits of himself as a gesture of gratitude for their hospitality.

Loseley Park today

Loseley Park is still the residence of the More-Molyneux family and is open to the public. It is a Grade I listed building of exceptional historical importance.

The great hall contains panelling from Henry VIII’s Nonsuch Palace, George IV’s coronation chair and a large chalk fireplace designed by Hans Holbein. The carvings above the library fireplace (dated 1570) commemorate one of Elizabeth I’s visits. The house also contains one of the few paintings of Anne Boleyn.

The Walled Garden has been restored over the last 10 years and now features 5 gardens each with its own theme and character. These include an award-winning rose garden planted with over 1000 old-fashioned rose bushes. The gardens are surrounded by an old wall of similar age to the house and a mulberry tree believed to have been planted by Elizabeth I.

In 2016, the house was featured in the Netflix series The Crown and the films The Favourite and Rebecca were both partly shot on location.

Getting to Loseley Park

Loseley Park is South of Guildford, 30 miles southwest of London. It is situated on the B3000 (New Pond Road) and the main entrance is in Stakescorner Road. The nearest station is at Guildford, around 3 miles away. From there, the bus station is a short walk. Buses 42, 70, 71 or 72 stop at the end of Losely drive, it’s then around a 1 mile walk to Loseley House.

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