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Peveril Castle

Castleton, United Kingdom

Lily Johnson

29 Jan 2021
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About Peveril Castle

Peveril Castle is a ruined 11th century fortress overlooking Castleton, Derbyshire. It was one of the first castles to be built following the Norman Conquest, and today provides breathtaking views over the Hope valley. 

Peveril Castle history 

The exact date of Peveril’s construction is largely unknown, however it must have been at least under construction by the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, as it featured as Derbyshire’s only castle. 

It soon became the administrative centre of its founder, William Peveril, whose power and wealth in the area grew under Henry I. 

When his son William Peveril the Younger inherited his legacy however, the Peveril name was soon linked to treachery. During the civil war known as the Anarchy, William supported Empress Matilda’s bid to take the throne and was defeated, losing much of his father’s wealth. In 1153, he was suspected of poising a high-up earl, and that same year was accused by the future King Henry II of ‘plundering and treachery’. Two years later Peveril Castle was taken under royal control, becoming the administrative centre of the Forest of High Peak.

It remained in the royal family’s keeping, give or take a few noble revolts, before eventually falling to ruin in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was at some point after even used to house livestock!

Peveril today

Today Peveril is managed by English Heritage and welcomes visitors to explore its imposing ruins. The remains of two round towers project from the southern curtain wall, on which the use of Roman tiles (likely sourced from the Navio fort nearby) can be viewed. A garderobe, or medieval toilet, can also be visited that protrudes from the south-east face of the keep.

At the top of the hill, stunning views of Hope Valley, Treak Cliff, Mam Tor, Black Tor and Lose Hill can also be admired. 

Getting to Peveril Castle

Peveril Castle is located near Castleton in Derbyshire. It can be reached from Sheffield on the A6187, and there is road access via the market place in Castleton. 

The nearest carpark is at the visitor centre, a 5/10 minute walk to the castle, while the nearest train station is Hope station, 2.5 miles away. 

Many bus services operate to the castle, with others dropping in Castleton, a short walk away. 

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