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Saissac Castle

Saissac, Occitanie, France

Lucy Davidson

19 Jul 2021
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About Saissac Castle

Once the residence of the powerful vassal family of Trencavel, the Château de Saissac is a ruined castle, one of the so-called Cathar castles, in the southernmost tip of the commune of Saissac in the Aude département in the north-west of Carcassonne, France. Based on historical texts, it can be dated to at least 960.

History of Saissac Castle

It was bequeathed by the bishop of Toulouse to the Count of Carcassonne. In the 11th century, the castle was pledged to powerful vassals in the country. It is important to note the presence of a castrum under the current castle, probably dating from the 11th century, though its origin can date to the time of the Visigoths.

In 1568 and 1580, Protestant troops destroyed the village but were unable to enter the impregnable fortress.

After the French Revolution, the castle quickly fell in ruins, after repeatedly being looted by treasure hunters in 1862 lured by the romance of the castle’s history.

Saissac Castle Today

From 1995, the castle has been in the possession of the commune, which began a programme of restoration in order to make the castle available to visitors.

In 2007, two rooms of the main building were rebuilt in the 16th century style, together with the framework resembling the hull of a ship. Many locked cellars under the keep have been made accessible.

Getting to Saissac Castle

Saissac is a small village between Carcassonne and Revel in the Aude department of languedoc-Rossillon and makes for a scenic and historic detour when travelling between the two.

From the centre of Saissac, the castle is reachable in 2 minutes by foot via Rue Espinasse and Rue Bertrand de Saissac or 1 minute by car via Rue de Verdun and Rue Ambroise Paré.


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