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Sanctuary of La Verna

Chiusi della Verna, Tuscany, Italy

About Sanctuary of La Verna

The Sanctuary of La Verna (Santuario della Verna) is a monastery closely associated with the Christian Saint Francis of Assisi, who is said to have received stigmata on the mount where it is located. Today, the Sanctuary of La Verna is an important place of pilgrimage and has a museum about Saint Francis.

Saint Francis and the Sanctuary of La Verna

According to Christian legend, a local count, Orlando of Chiusi, was so impressed with St Francis that he gave him the mountain of La Verna as a place of contemplation, prayer and solitude in 1224. During his stay at La Verna, St. Francis asked God to allow him to participate with all his being in the Passion of Christ. After this, a crucified seraph appeared to him and he received stigmata.