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Segedunum Roman Fort

North Tyneside, England, United Kingdom

Segedunum Roman Fort was one of the Ancient Roman wall forts of Hadrian’s Wall.

Lily Johnson

08 Jul 2021
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About Segedunum Roman Fort

Segedunum Roman Fort was one of the ancient Roman wall forts of Hadrian’s Wall, the iconic UNESCO-listed barrier built under Emperor Hadrian from 122 AD. As the most excavated fort along the wall, Segedunum is an excellent place to explore its history in Britain.

Segedunum Roman Fort history

There were several wall forts along the 73-mile stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, each garrisoned by Roman soldiers from across the Empire. From around 122 AD Segedunum Roman Fort held 600 soldiers within its walls, and was one of the easternmost forts along the border.

It would continue to perform a military role for a period of around 300 years. After this time, the fate of Segedunum Roman Fort is unknown, except that it was built over in the 18th and 19th centuries as the area became a populous pit village.

In the 20th century however it was unearthed, and opened to the public in 2000.

Segedunum Roman Fort today

The interactive museum at Segedunum Roman Fort displays a myriad of finds excavated at the site, including armour and weaponry. It also houses everyday items from the fort and settlement that grew up around it, including one very unique object – the only known Roman British stone toilet seat.

Visitors to Segedunum Roman Fort can view the remains of the fort itself as well as its reconstructed Roman baths, and the site is also an excellent place to see a section of Hadrian’s Wall, especially from atop the 35 metre viewing tower.

Getting to Segedunum Roman Fort

Segedunum is located on Buddle Street in Wallsend and can be accessed from Newcastle city centre via the A1058 Coast Road or the A193/A187. It is a 3-minute walk away from Wallsend Metro Station, while the Woolley Street bus station is a 5-minute walk away. The Stagecoach service 22 from Newcastle runs to the Metro Station.

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