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The Mary Rose

Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

About The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose was built between 1509 and 1511 and was amongst the largest and most advanced warships of the time, being one of the first to carry heavy guns. King Henry VIII favoured the Mary Rose and she was to serve in a series of conflicts including against the French and the Scottish.

On 19 July 1545, the Mary Rose sank in the Solent during a clash with the French fleet. The King himself witnessed her demise. She would only be discovered again in the 1970’s and recovered in 1982.

After being salvaged, the Mary Rose was held at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. However, her hull has now been removed from public view in preparation for the building of a new museum, due to open in 2012.

In the meantime, the public can still visit the Mary Rose Museum (sans ship) to view exhibits about this historic vessel. Amongst its exhibits are military and civilian objects recovered from the wreck and displays and films about the Mary Rose.

It is worth noting that Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is also home to HMS Victory and HMS Warrior.