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The Royal Mint Experience

Explore over 1,000 years of coin production in the United Kingdom at this tourist attraction in South Wales.

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About The Royal Mint Experience

The Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant, Wales is a tourist attraction where visitors can see the United Kingdom’s coins being made and uncover the history of the second oldest mint in the world.

History of The Royal Mint Experience

Based on the site of The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, The Royal Mint Experience was opened in 2016 to reveal the process behind the creation of the United Kingdom’s coins and to trace over 1,000 years of coin production.

The Royal Mint traditionally marks its beginnings in the issuing of silver pennies by Alfred the Great in the late 9th century AD. Although coins had been minted in Britain before this point, Alfred’s pennies explicitly stated that they were minted in London. This made the mint there a recent predecessor of The Royal Mint, which for 800 years was based in the Tower of London.

The Royal Mint Experience is home to a Guided Factory Experience, where thousands of newly minted coins can be observed emerging from The Royal Mint’s coining presses, as well as an exhibition incorporating a range of rare coins and museum objects.

These include Olympic and Paralympic medals from the London 2012 Games, a fascinating gold sovereign of Edward VIII, and an exploration of the gallantry and service medals which have been awarded to individuals in the UK.

Visitors can also learn more about a pre-decimal 1933 penny, an Elizabeth I gold sovereign and a Maria Theresa thaler, a silver bullion coin named for the ruler of Austria between 1740 and 1780.

The Royal Mint Experience today

The purpose-built visitor attraction incorporates a guided tour of the circulating coin factory where visitors can also strike their own coins. The Royal Mint Experience also hosts a varied calendar of activities, including creative workshops and special guest speakers.

Meanwhile, a “VIP” tour of The Royal Mint Experience includes a talk from a curator of The Royal Mint Museum.

Getting to The Royal Mint Experience

The Royal Mint Experience is located on the same site as The Royal Mint, 20 minutes from Cardiff and four miles from Junction 34 of the M4. There is free, on-site visitor parking for both cars and coaches, and the site is accessible for wheelchair users.

The Experience accommodates those with autism by amending the regular tour’s numbers, times and sensory triggers.

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