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Gone Medieval Podcast

Alex Spencer

20 May 2021


A brand-new History Hit podcast! Join historian Matt Lewis and archaeologist Cat Jarman as they delve into the depths of the so-called dark ages and shine a light on one of the most fascinating yet misunderstood periods of history: the Middle Ages.

⁠ ⁠In each episode experts will lead listeners beneath the skin of captivating stories to uncover new insights. From Britain, to the rest of Europe and the wider world beyond, Gone Medieval will reveal a new picture of a medieval world far more intriguing, sophisticated and interconnected than previously imagined.⁠

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Matthew Lewis is a popular medieval historian and author of various historical fiction and non-fiction books. Lewis has a passion for the Wars of the Roses, especially the reign of Richard III and the Tudors.

Cat Jarman is a bioarchaeologist and field archaeologist specialising in the Viking Age, Viking women, and Rapa Nui. Earning a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Bristol in 2017, Jarman is now an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University and the director of the archaeological research unit Munin Archaeology.

Alex Spencer