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Arnhem 75: The Veteran's View

22nd September, 2019

This podcast sees Dan jump out of an aircraft to relive the events of the landing back in 1944, while on the way we hear the testimonies of veterans who lived ...

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The Battle of Arnhem with James Holland and Paul Reed

20th September, 2019

These intercut interviews with historians James Holland and Paul Reed tell the story of the Battle of Arnhem. Both give poignant and occasionally lurid accounts of the battle, and both ...

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Elizabeth I and Europe with Estelle Paranque

17th September, 2019

Estelle Paranque launches into a passioned explanation of Elizabeth I and how she masterfully handled the European powers of her day. She talks about French attempts to win her hand, ...

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Anglo-Saxon Burial at Bamburgh Castle with Paul Gething and Edoardo Albert

15th September, 2019

A story of bloodshed, tribal rivalries and a warrior class obsessed with and defined by the battlefield has emerged from the discovery of a burial site at Bamburgh Castle. Dan ...

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The Stories of 9/11 with Garrett Graff

11th September, 2019

Garrett Graff has collected many of the oral testimonies about 9/11, collating archive material and conducting interviews with people who responded to events on the day. He tells Dan these stories, ...

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The Secret British Operation to Get America into World War Two with Henry Hemming

10th September, 2019

Henry Hemming talks to Dan about the life of William Stevenson, a British operative who worked hard to pressure Roosevelt into declaring war on Nazi Germany, and ensuring that American ...

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Race Science with Angela Saini

8th September, 2019

Angela Saini is a British science journalist and broadcaster, and she talks to Dan about the history of race science and eugenics, and they put the concept of race in ...

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Maud West, the Original Miss Marple with Susannah Stapleton

6th September, 2019

Maud West, operated her own detective agency during the Golden Age of crime in the period after World War One. She used all manner of disguises and tactics to gather ...

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The British People and the Outbreak of World War Two with Frederick Taylor

3rd September, 2019

Frederick Taylor's work looks at the outbreak of World War Two, and he discusses whether the British people were ready for war. This discussion moves away from traditional debates over ...

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The Invasion of Poland in World War Two with Roger Moorhouse

1st September, 2019

Roger Moorhouse discusses the Polish campaign of 1939 comprehensively, separating the myths from reality and outlining the abject horrors that the Poles suffered under the twin occupation of the Nazis and ...

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