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Jerusalem on the Amstel with Lipika Pelham

6th March, 2019

Lipika Pelham talks to Dan about the Dutch Jewish community in Amsterdam, how the Sephardim Jews ended up there and what they endured during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands....

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Introducing: Hidden Histories with Helen Carr

4th March, 2019

In this episode, Helen Carr talks to Lindsey Fitzharris about Joseph Lister and the development of germ theory.The new show on the History Hit network, Hidden Histories, sees Helen ...

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Gandhi with Ramachandra Guha

3rd March, 2019

Gandhi is a complex and sometimes controversial figure, so Dan chats to Ramachandra Guha to find out what shaped Gandhi's worldview and how his early life informed his actions.For ...

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How Geology Shaped Human History with Lewis Dartnell

1st March, 2019

There are strips of rock in the United States that are accurate predictors of whether a county will turn Democrat, or Republican. Lewis Dartnell's latest project demonstrates how the earth ...

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Emergency Podcast: Kashmir with Shashank Joshi

28th February, 2019

Shashank Joshi explains the history of tension in the Kashmir province as conflict re-emerges between Pakistan and India.For ad free versions of our entire podcast archive and hundreds of ...

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Inventing Britain with Misha Glenny

27th February, 2019

Misha Glenny is the host of a radio show called The Invention of Britain and he discusses with Dan the development of Britain. Glenny explores the history of our relationships ...

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Jack the Ripper's Victims with Hallie Rubenhold

25th February, 2019

Why is the impression we have of Jack the Ripper's victims misleading? Hallie Rubenhold explains to Dan that the common conception of his victims as young sex-workers is mostly wrong, ...

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The Life of a Navigator during World War Two with Arthur Spencer

24th February, 2019

Arthur Spencer was a navigator during World War Two, completing two tours of operations with 97 Squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa and RAF Bourn. He was awarded the Légion d’...

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The Irish Border with Professor Marie Coleman

22nd February, 2019

Dan and Professor Marie Coleman get into the details of the border between Ireland and North Ireland. How did it come to be, how has it changed and why has ...

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The SAS Italian Job with Damien Lewis

20th February, 2019

Damien Lewis, expert on all things SAS, chats to Dan about one of the largest and yet mostly unknown SAS raids of the war.For ad free versions of our ...

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