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A. C. Grayling on The History of Philosophy

30th June, 2019

A. C. Grayling discusses the complete history of philosophy, whether it is still possible to ask questions about our existence, and how we should frame those questions in light of ...

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27th June, 2019

In this episode Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell talk about the unexpected history pirates, which is all about authors, cross-dressing, ferocious women, childhood memory, beards and empire. For ...

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The History of Unbelief with Professor Tim Whitmarsh and Professor John Arnold

27th June, 2019

Dan delves into the history of unbelief - or rather, past people who didn't believe in God(s). He talks to Professor Tim Whitmarsh about Greek atheists (and indeed, about ...

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Simon de Montfort, England's First Parliamentarian with Dr Sophie Therese Ambler

26th June, 2019

Simon de Montfort was a member of the English peerage, who led opposition to King Henry III. He played a major role in the constitutional development of the country and ...

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Circe and Greek Myths with Madeleine Miller

23rd June, 2019

Dan and bestselling author Madeleine Miller chat Greek myths and the Odyssey. They talk about Virgil, the Aenead, Patroclus and Agamemnon, and whether Dan should sacrifice his daughter to ensure ...

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British Women in India with Katie Hickman

20th June, 2019

Katie Hickman takes us on a tour of British India before 1900, looking at women and the lives they led. Highlights include a discussion of whether the arrival of women in ...

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The Green Room Podcast! Crediton Arts Centre

19th June, 2019

James and Sam launch their first Green Room podcast! Unexpected historical thoughts as they travel around the country's theatres and arts centres with their Histories of the Unexpected show...this ...

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The Battle of Waterloo with Peter Snow

18th June, 2019

We revisit Dan's interview with Peter Snow to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, and learn more about this conflict which changed the face of Europe.For ad ...

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500th Episode: A History of Fatherhood and Some History Hit Highlights

16th June, 2019

We celebrate our 500th podcast with a new look at fatherhood and a selection of the best moments from our podcast. We hear the testimony of survivors of genocide, Dan ...

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The Tudors

14th June, 2019

Sam Willis and James Daybell explore the unexpected history of the Tudors! Is it all about Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn? Hampton Court and the Mary Rose? Well yes, but it's ...

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