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The Real Peaky Blinders

15th December, 2019

Peaky Blinders: The Real Story Dan talks to the well known social historian, broadcaster and author Professor Carl Chinn in this episode where the true history of Birmingham's most notorious ...

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A Short History of London

14th December, 2019

Dan talks to Sir Simon Jenkins about London, the settlement founded by the Romans, occupied by the Saxons, conquered by the Danes and ruled by the Normans. This changeful place ...

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The 'Forgotten Bastards of the Eastern Front'

13th December, 2019

During the Second World War, from 1941 onwards, Stalin's Soviet Union was joined in a close but awkward coalition with the Western allies. Military aid and intelligence flowed to the Soviets ...

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Crucible of our modern world

12th December, 2019

Charles Emmerson thinks the crucible of the modern world was not the 1960s but the tumultuous years at the end of the First World War and those that followed. This ...

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General Election Special

11th December, 2019

Historian Robert Saunders from Queen Mary University of London talks about the elections in the past that he feels have most resonance and parallels today. For information regarding your data ...

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Total War: The Three Kingdoms of China

10th December, 2019

Something a little different... Total War: Three Kingdoms is the fastest selling real time strategy of all time, and based on the Wei, Shu, and Wu division of China in ...

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Margaret Beaufort, Tudor Matriarch

8th December, 2019

Dan talks to Dr. Nicola Tallis about Margaret Beaufort. Aged 13, Beaufort endured a traumatic childbirth that brought her close to death. Forced to give up her child, Beaufort remained steadfast ...

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Truth and Legend in the Age of Sail

6th December, 2019

Graham Faiella talks to Dan about legends and true tales from the Age of Sail. Cannibalism, pirates and mutiny. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Listen Now


The History of Language

5th December, 2019

David Shariatmadari dives into the words we say. How did language come about, how and why do we use it? For ad free versions of our entire podcast archive and ...

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Exclusive: Stunning Cache of World War Two Archaeology Revealed

4th December, 2019

Alderney, like the rest of the Channel Islands, was occupied by German forces from 1940 to 1945. On Hitler's orders it was turned into a fortress, covered in concrete and steel fortifications. ...

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