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Richard Duke of York

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03 Jul 2020

Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, was one of the most formidable figures of the 15th century. He was a giant of English politics whose actions helped plunge his country into the bloody Wars of the Roses.

The middle decades of the 15th century were filled with ambitious men and women, nobles and queens, all keen to exert influence over a weak king whilst his kingdom’s fortunes at home and abroad were faltering. It was a time of turmoil, but also of opportunity for whoever dared seize it. Richard was one such man.

From Richard’s early years fighting in France to his surprising sally from Sandal Castle on 30 December 1460 this eBook provides an overview of the Duke of York’s career and his significant role in igniting the Wars of the Roses.

Detailed articles explain key topics, edited from various History Hit resources. Included in this eBook are articles written for History Hit by Matt Lewis, Wars of the Roses historian and biographer of Richard, Duke of York, as well as features provided by History Hit staff past and present.


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