How to Redeem Your History Hit Coupon | History Hit

Below you can find a step-by-step guide of how to signup to History Hit TV with your unique promo code.

1. Go to the History Hit signup page at

You can find a link to the sign up page here: History Hit Sign Up Page

2. Select either a Monthly or an Annual plan

Please note: coupons can only be redeemed on the History Hit TV website, not on either our Android or Apple app.

3. Signup to a History Hit account

You can sign up either via Facebook or Google Social Signup, or by creating a username and password.

Please note: If you sign up via either Facebook or Google, you will not have a password associated with your account. A password is necessary if you plan to sign in on an Apple TV or Amazon Fire device.

4. Add your billing information under the Debit / Credit Card slide-down option

Please note: unfortunately we are unable to accept Amex outside of the UK.

5. Enter your unique code into the Promo code box

If correctly entered, a green tick will appear.

6. Click Purchase

If successful you will be taken to a page that confirms your subscription. You will also receive a confirmation email welcoming you to History Hit.


We look forward to sharing our content with you. If you have any issues, please contact History Hit’s Support desk at: