The Differences in Each Video | History Hit

At History Hit, we have quite a few different formats of video and audio documentaries on our channel. We’ve created this quick explainer to show you the difference between all of them.

History Hit Originals

An original programme is one that we, at History Hit, have produced ourselves. We are really lucky to have an industry leading team of producers, editors and of course presenters. You can spot these quite easily as they have the blue stamp saying HH Originals on them.

History Hit Podcasts

History Hit is home to 8 podcast series. They can all be seen here. You will be able to spot a podcast as it should have the podcasts series cover art on it, or it will havr the HH Audio tag on the top right hand corner. It is also easy to spot a podcast in the search results as it will have a headhpone emoji in front of it, like this: 🎧

History Hit Community

Programmes that have HH Originals with a blue/green tone on the cover art are programmes that have been submitted by friends of the channel and our community – people like you! If you would like to talk about a documentary you have made, please email


If the video does not have any of the above on them, it is likely a licensed programme from another production company. Our team are very careful with all the licenses we choose and make sure they suit the needs of our subscribers.