Dan Snow Speaks to Two Hollywood Heavyweights | History Hit

Dan Snow Speaks to Two Hollywood Heavyweights

Carly Clark

30 Nov 2021

In 30 November’s episode of ‘Dan Snow’s History Hit’ podcast, actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, joins Dan in conversation about Winston Churchill, who was born on this day in 1874. They talk about Arnie’s admiration for the former British Prime Minister as a leader and a thinker, how he modelled his own governorship on Churchill while in office from 2003-2011 and how he ended up in California in the first place.

Then on 1 December, prolific film director and producer Ridley Scott joins Dan in a very special episode upon the release of his latest film, House of Gucci. Particularly interesting is their detailed discussion of Ridley’s approach to the sex scene as portrayed through opera. They also discuss the secrets of Ridley’s directorial process, his inspired relationship with history, what periods he is drawn to and why World War Two is particularly important to him, as well as what he is working on next.

Carly Clark