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Discover Medieval Europe

For many, the medieval period conjures up images of plague, social upheaval and conflict. But with centuries of friction and feudalism came the construction of towering castles, quaint villages and walled cities that still survive to this day.

A millennium of rich history, the medieval era saw the rise and fall of the Normans, the Vikings and the Crusaders, as well as the construction of glorious gothic structures across Europe. Just take a walk around the picturesque streets of Bruges in Belgium or visit Scotland’s towering Eilean Donan castle and you’ll see the enduring beauty of Europe’s so-called ‘Dark Ages’.

So, whether you’re planning a day trip to a castle or a historic holiday in Europe, we’ve put together this handy introduction to the finest medieval landmarks to visit across the continent.

Fancy strolling down a cobbled English alley with centuries of history beneath your feet? Keen to explore the half-timbered houses of a fairytale Bavarian village?

Here’s History Hit’s guide to discovering medieval Europe.

Unmissable Medieval Sites