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Calling All History Teachers! Give Us Feedback on How History Hit is Used in Education

James Carson

26 Oct 2021
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Since we started History Hit TV four years ago we’ve been in regular contact with history teachers and educators about how they can best use the service for education.

As it stands, there’s not an easy way to grant access to the channel to large numbers of students as teachers would like. Technically all individual customers need a credit card to sign up – so it’s been hard for us to mould the channel for educational purposes.

We’ve also been wondering if History Hit TV, on its own, is the best solution we can provide to help teachers in humanities education.

There are lots of different approaches to teaching history on the web, and while History Hit TV may well be a help, we’d like to know other ways that we could improve it beyond focusing purely on video on demand. We have a podcast network and this website, after all.

Give us your history feedback

If you’re a history teacher, then we’d love to hear from you. To begin with, we’re looking to speak to 3-5 teachers who can give us feedback to help us shape a survey. For every 20-30 minute interview, we’ll provide a £20 gift voucher for the History Hit Shop.

To take part, please email with ‘Teacher Survey’ in the subject line. Please also state your current role, location and experience. We’re eager to speak to a diverse range of educators.

Emailing to take part does not guarantee interview selection. Depending on the number of applicants we may not be able to directly respond to everyone who applies. Applications close at midnight on 8 November 2021.

James Carson