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France 1940: The Road to Dynamo

History Hit

11 Jun 2020

Just before dawn on 10 May 1940 the largest concentration of motorised vehicles in history roared into action. After months of quiet it was the start of Hitler’s invasion of the West.

What followed was a stunning combination of new tactics and new technologies that left Britain and France – two world superpowers – reeling. Within 6 weeks the latter would sign a humiliating armistice, ensuring that almost all of continental Europe had fallen under the grip of Nazi rule.

But during this Darkest Hour there was a glimmer of hope for the Allies. A human-made miracle.

From the Phoney War to Operation Dynamo this eBook explores the Battle of France in 1940. Included in this eBook are articles written for History Hit by some of the world’s leading World War Two historians, including Dilip Sarkar MBE and James Holland. Features written by History Hit staff past and present are also included.

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