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VE Day: The End of World War Two in Europe

History Hit

11 Jun 2020

From the unique wartime experience of the Channel Islands during World War Two to what it was like for someone celebrating VE Day in Britain, this eBook tells the tale of Victory in Europe Day and its aftermath.

3pm. 8 May 1945. Prime Minister Winston Churchill officially announced to the British people the long-awaited news: the German High Command, representing the remnants of Hitler’s Third Reich – meant to last 1,000 years – had surrendered unconditionally. The Second World War in Europe was at an end.

Across Western Europe and beyond celebrations erupted. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark all gave thanks to their liberation from years of Nazi tyranny.

In Britain the mood was similarly jubilant. Six years of sacrifice was at an end. Relief and pride swept across the country. Relief that the War was over, pride that Britain had stood as a moral beacon of hope for the cause of freedom, refusing to give in during its darkest hour and inspiring the greatest fightback.

Detailed articles explain key topics, edited from various History Hit resources. Included in this eBook are articles written for History Hit by historians specialising in various aspects of World War Two, as well as features written by History Hit staff past and present.

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