How to Create a Favourites List | History Hit

Sometimes you might like the look of a video, but not have time to watch it. Or sometimes, there was so much information in the documentary, you might want to use it as a reference and come back to it. To make sure you don’t forget which video it was, you can mark it as a “Favourite”. This is like creating a bespoke playlist of your favourite history documentaries or the ultimate ‘want to watch’ list. This can be done via you website, or any of the apps. To create a favourites list follow these instructions.

  1. On your computer, hover on the video you would like to Favourite. On your app clickinto the video.
  2. In the top right hand corner, on the apps there’s an icon with 3 horizontal lines and a plus sign. On the website, it in the top right hand corner it states, Add to My List. Click on it to add to your list.
  3. To find the programme, in the app click on the Menu or Library button at the bottom of your screen, and then MY LIST. On the website, it will simply appear on the second carousel down under the header My List.
  4. Click on the video to watch.
  5. To remove, in the app, click on the 3 dots next to the video in the MY LIST section, and click on My List. On the website, click on the video or the cover art and in the top right hand corner it will say Remove From List. Click on these to remove the video.