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Alcazar of Segovia

Segovia, Castile and Leon, Spain

The Alcazar of Segovia is an imposing medieval fortress turned royal palace.

About Alcazar of Segovia

The Alcazar of Segovia (Alcazar de Segovia) in Segovia, Castile and Leon, Spain, is an imposing medieval fortress which embodies much of what one would consider to be the ideal vision of a fairy-tale castle, complete with picturesque turrets and cliff-top location.

History of Alcazar of Segovia

Though it is believed that a fort has existed on the site since Roman times, the first known written mention of the Alcazar of Segovia is found in twelfth century Christian records. Having started life as an Arab fort, in the thirteenth century, the Alcazar of Segovia made the transition from military stronghold to palatial residence and was slowly renovated in a gothic style, with further changes made in the sixteenth century.

It served as a state prison for almost two centuries before King Charles III founded the Royal Artillery School in 1762. It functioned in this capacity before it was badly damaged by fire in 1862. In 1896, it was handed over to the Ministry of War as a military college. Today, it serves as a museum and military archives building.

The Alcazar of Segovia was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

Alcazar of Segovia Today

The interior of the Alcazar of Segovia doesn’t disappoint, with highlights including the stunning keep, the square with four towers, the hall covered with pointed barrel and twin windows, and the richly-decorated Mudejar-style interior.

Visitors can tour the magnificent site as well as climb its towers for a scenic view of the town. The spectacular castle features as one of our top Tourist Attractions of Spain.

Getting to Alcazar of Segovia

The Alcazar of Segovia is a 10 minute drive from the centre of Segovia along the Paseo Santo Domingo de Guzmán road. Equally, it is a scenic 30 minute walk via the Av. Padre Claret/CL-601a roads. There are a number of well-connected public transport routes such as the ‘9’ bus which stops at the Casa de La Moneda stop, from where the Alcazar is reachable in 10 minutes by foot.



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