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Sa Capelleta

Amy Irvine

28 Jul 2023

About Sa Capelleta

Sa Capelleta is a secondary archaeological site situated just outside the Necropolis del Puig des Molins. Whilst smaller than Puig des Molins, Sa Capelleta chronicles the use of one plot of land by 3 distinct stages and populations of Ibiza over many centuries – from Punic, Roman and Islamic times.

History of Sa Capelleta

In the 4th to 2nd century BC, the site housed a Punic shrine, and was used as a place of worship, adorned with carvings, statues, and oil burners. The site later became a Roman burial ground from the 2nd to 3rd century AD, with 41 graves discovered, built in and around the Punic Shrine’s remains. Around 30 of these are still intact, along with skeleton remains and burial artefacts.

The third phase of the site’s history occurred during the 11th to 13th century when it served as an Islamic suburb. Excavations have uncovered a street, two doorways, and well pits, offering insight into the layout and daily life. A model of an Islamic home as it would have looked at the time – complete with furniture and crockery – helps visitors picture the scene. Additionally, two cesspits were also uncovered, which were able to offer information on the dietary habits of people from 800 years ago.

One of the most interesting aspects of Sa Capelleta is a section containing differing levels marked into the wall, which show 6 different levels of ground use, including a layer of dirt from the last 500 years, the abandoned Islamic village (marked by tiles from the roofs of the buildings), the floor and foundation level of the village, Roman graves, and finally the bedrock of the graves themselves.

Sa Capelleta today

Despite its strange entrance within a garage-like setting, surrounded by restaurants, shops and houses, visitors step onto a metal walkway that overlooks the excavated remains below. Information boards, display cases, and models provided insights into the site’s history and the artefacts discovered.

Descending from the walkway, visitors can explore the ruins up close, immersing themselves in the three distinct stages of the site’s occupation. They can walk along the Islamic street, pass through the doorways of ancient houses, observe the wells and Roman graves, and touch the stones of the Punic shrine. Sa Capelleta serves as a fascinating glimpse into the rich history of one particular plot, offering a captivating journey through time on one street at the heart of Ibiza town.

Getting to Sa Capelleta Interpretive Centre

Sa Capelleta is located in Ibiza’s Old Town, just a 2 minute walk from the Puig des Mollins Necropolis. Walk along Via Romana to the southern edge of the Necropolis grounds, turn right onto Joan Planells road and then left onto Sa Capelleta road. The site is free to enter.

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