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Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Greeneville, Tennessee, United States

Sarah Roller

24 Nov 2020

About Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

President Andrew Johnson’s house, now operating as the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, is a museum about the seventeenth president of the United States of America. The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site is set in Andrew Johnson’s home of 24 years.

History of Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Andrew Johnson was a southerner and a Democrat, who worked as a tailor prior to his political career and had little education. As Vice President to Abraham Lincoln, Johnson succeeded Lincoln upon his assassination and served from 1865 to 1869. He was the first US President who hadn’t studied law or been a war hero.

Johnson’s presidency was beset with problems (mainly concerning Reconstruction and the Constitution), including a fierce dispute with the Republicans which culminated in his impeachment and subsequent acquittal in 1868 under the Tenure of Office Act. Despite the negative press he often receives, Johnson’s administration also saw the US purchase Alaska, annex Midway Island, and he started the first of the White House’s famous Easter Egg Rolls.

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site today

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site allows visitors to tour the President’s old home, which is now furnished with his original belongings. The tour offers an insight into Andrew Johnson’s early life and his work in trying to reunify his country. You can visit his old tailor shop, see original graffiti done by soldiers during the Civil War and even take part in a reconstruction of his impeachment proceedings in the museum.

Nearby is the National Cemetery, a resting place for veterans and where Andrew Johnson is buried with his family. The best way to plan your trip is to start at the visitors’ centre, which houses the museum and which contains itinerary ideas. Free guided tours run regularly, but it’s also possible to visit as part of a self-guided tour.

The site is open year round, with varying hours for summer and winter. Check weather conditions before venturing in the winter as inclement weather can sometimes cause the site close.

Getting to the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site is in Greeneville, Tennessee, just off North Main Street. Greeneville is about 12 miles off Route 81. There’s parking in town, but note that the road is narrow and the hill is steep – it’s not suitable for buses or campervans. There’s no public transportation in or around Greeneville, so you’ll need your own transportation.

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